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2018 MCV Pacific Pillars of the Industry

2018 MCV Pacific Pillars of the Industry

As reported earlier, two more industry members were inducted as MCV Pacific Pillars of the Industry at the sixth annual event.

Introduced in 2014, the MCV Pacific Pillar of the Industry recognises a long standing tribute to the ANZ local industry. This honour recognises that our industry is not just built of the back of the brands we work for or with, but it is in fact the people within – that make it what it is today.

At MCV Pacific we sought to create an award that recognises not only the long standing services within the work place, but those, who for many years have gone above and beyond, in an effort to better present and grow the local industry.

The below are your 2018 Inductees. They join Ron Curry and Michael Ephraim (2014) , Edward Fong and Darren Macbeth (2015) and Mark Goodacre, Janet Carr (2016) and Steve Wilson and Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg (2017) in the very exclusive club.

For over twenty years, Jeremy has been at the forefront of interactive entertainment across Australia and New Zealand. Since joining Xbox in 2005, he has worked across Xbox’s technology (consoles, PC gaming, accessories), services (Xbox Live) and games businesses in Australia and most recently extending this expertise to the broader Asia region.

Jeremy has overseen multiple console generations, including the launch of the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S and most recently the Xbox One X.

In addition to new services, apps and multiple chapters of Xbox’s largest and most iconic games franchises including Halo, Gears of War, Forza and more.

An active member of the games industry, Jeremy has maintained a position as Board Member of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association of Australia and New Zealand (IGEA) and has been a passionate voice for inclusion and recognition within the industry.

In 2000, whilst working in a junior marketing role for Hasbro Toys, Raelene was presented with an opportunity to move into the company’s interactive business. In the same week she assumed her new marketing role, she would be joined by Ron Curry, IGEA’s current CEO, who now eighteen years later, still works side-by-side with.

Raelene has built her career around changing people’s perceptions of who plays games. In her work with IGEA, Raelene has spearheaded the bi-annual Digital Australia and New Zealand studies. The reports have evolved to look at how games are being used in the community for purposes beyond pure entertainment, such as health, education, industry and the economy. DANZ is one of the industry’s most powerful tools with media and government alike.

Raelene also acts as a major ambassador for Women in the industry, working with Ally McLean to help deliver the Working Lunch mentoring program and acting as an advisor and judge for Trade Media’s Women In Games program.

Raelene’s impact can be measured far beyond her day-to-day responsibilities as Communications and Member Services Manager at IGEA – a true Pillar of the Industry.

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