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A Weightless Export; How Austrade plans to help local developers cross borders

A Weightless Export; How Austrade plans to help local developers cross borders

MCV Pacific recently sat down with the Australian government Trade and Investment Commission, better known as Austrade, to discuss their increasing involvement with the interactive entertainment sector.

Leveraging their connection to government, commercial knowledge, and international relationships to assist domestic companies in accessing global networks and opportunities, Austrade aims to provide assistance to domestic clients and investors in order to develop domestic export industries.

To get a better understanding of Austrade’s growing involvement with the games industry and the opportunities available, we spoke with Austrade’s Advisor for Services and Technology,  Kristian Raston to learn more;

In what capacity is Austrade here to help the growing local game industry?

Austrade is the Australian Government’s trade and investment promotion agency and contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, including game developers, export their digital content and services by:

  • Providing information and advice on doing business in international markets
  • Providing resources to help businesses prepare their export strategy

Austrade supports the industry’s growth by enabling me to be a dedicated trade adviser for the digital games sector. I have a strong focus on enabling opportunities for the industry in both new and emerging markets and in established markets, particularly in North and South East Asia. I recently ran a Markets Insights session where Austrade invited guest speakers to present valuable insights on the opportunities in the Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese game markets, helping studios develop new market entry and expansion strategies for these markets.

Once you have an export strategy for your content or services in place, you can talk directly to me about how we can help you execute your plans for your target markets. As every company is different, Austrade can tailor its services to meet your business needs, with a focus on market entry and expansion including:

  • Market research
  • Partner and customer identification
  • Facilitating appointments during your market visit
  • Follow-up to initial introductions
  • Market promotions

More detail on services Austrade provides can be found on our website.

The local development community has become familiar with the various creative funding opportunities, how does Austrade differ from agencies such as Film Victoria, and Screen Queensland?

Austrade differs from such agencies as it focuses on providing services to support businesses export their goods and services to new markets and expand in existing markets. While not a funding agency, Austrade runs the Export Market Development Grants scheme, a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters. The scheme supports a wide range of industry sectors and products, including the export of intellectual property and know-how outside Australia. The Export Market development Grants:

  • encourages small and medium sized Australian businesses to develop export markets
  • reimburses up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above $5,000 provided that the total expenses are at least $15,000
  • provides up to eight (8) grants to each eligible applicant.

On the Austrade website, you will find information about the grant, who can apply, what can be claimed, as well as information sessions.

Where can interested companies get in touch with Austrade?

General information is provided free of charge to our clients and is available either through this website or by speaking with an export adviser on 13 28 78.

If you are focused on digital game development or exporting your applied gaming services, you can get in touch with Austrade’s Trade and Investment Adviser for digital games, Kristian Raston, by emailing Kristian at kristian.raston@austrade.gov.au.

If you are focused on VR/AR, you can get in touch with Austrade’s Trade and Investment Adviser for VR/AR, Leo Bremanis, by emailing Leo at leo.bremanis@austrade.gov.au.

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