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AC3 is Ubisoft Oz's 'highest pre-ordering title and biggest spend ever'.

AC3 is Ubisoft Oz's 'highest pre-ordering title and biggest spend ever'.

As well as taking honours at the EB EXPO, Ubisoft has backed Assassin’s Creed III with its biggest marketing campaign ever.

The highly anticipated end of one of this generation’s greatest new IPs was given a subtle event at the Waterfront in Sydney, with IDUs for both the core game and Liberation on Vita, and Mission Director Philippe Bergeron and Associate Producer Julien Laferriere on hand to give the media a presentation in an ad hoc theatrette and answer questions.

Mike Kolodzinski, Marketing Director at Ubisoft Oz, told MCV: “We started our campaign early on in the piece. Around the announcement of the game, which was probably around March, we activated our trade campaign back then. We had a couple of standees in-store to announce the game, then the Collector’s Edition announcements happened in April.”

“We went into some online around E3, then straight into cinema. We were in The Dark Knight Rises, Spiderman and the usual suspects around that time – it was quite a big campaign around that time.”

Ubisoft held a premiere event for The Dark Knight rises at Hoyts Broadway specifically to show of to mainstream and specialist media that they were hitting cinema hard on the biggest blockbuster of the year.

“Now, we’re pretty much into trade as we enter launch month. There are two-ways, windows in EB Games, then our TV will kick off in the lead-up to launch.”

“It’s a huge campaign for us, it’s our biggest spend ever – the reason being it’s our highest pre-ordering title ever in Australia.”

The core of the marketing for Assassin’s Creed III is kicking off this week.

Some photos from the Waterfront event:


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