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Avant Gaming partners with Bastion Live

Avant Gaming partners with Bastion Live

One of Australia’s top esports teams, Avant Gaming, has announced a partnership with the marketing, communications and advisory group Bastion Collective

The agency’s bold move into the esports arena comes amid a period of significant investment and interest in the Australian marketplace in the global phenomenon of competitive online gaming – with the Adelaide Crows’ purchase of an esports team, Legacy esports, the Guinevere Capital purchase of the LG Dire Wolves, and the more recent acquisition by ESE esports of League of Legends team, Abyss.

Bastion Live will help the continued growth of Avant Gaming through assisting with corporate and media partnerships, expanding Avant’s reach and growing the broader narrative around esports, as well as creating new player career paths beyond the sport.

Like many more traditional sporting teams, Avant Gaming is a broad esports brand with a stable of professional and semi-professional esports teams competing under its banner, including a League of Legends team. Avant Gaming also fields one of the eight teams in the Oceanic Pro League.

Additionally, Avant Gaming fields one of Australia’s leading Counter Strike teams and a Rocket League team and has several expansion opportunities currently being explored.

One of the leading esports brands in Australia, Avant Gaming currently has 10 staff including coaches, analysts, managers and 15 professional players on its books.

Oceanic League of Legends competitors are currently supported by Riot Games and receive a salary, housing and transport for the coaches, managers and the professional players who compete in the tournament. Other esport titles are quickly following suit with more structured, regulated tournaments emerging in America, Europe and Asia and likely to reach Australia soon.

Commenting on the acquisition, Founder & Executive Chairman Bastion Collective Fergus Watts, said, “We are delighted to form a partnership with Avant Gaming, as esports represents the fastest-growing, most exciting development in sport generally that we’ve seen for a long time.”

Bastion Live Executive Director Ben Sellenger said the parallel universe of esports was an exciting new world set to grow exponentially in Australia.

“At a time where millennials are moving away from traditional media, cutting cables, blocking pop-ups, using divergent media sources, streaming, torrenting and otherwise consuming content when, where and how they want it, there is no more effective platform to reach and engage deeply with this market segment globally than through esports,” said Mr. Sellenger.

Avant Gaming owner Wesley Collier said he was excited about the opportunities Bastion Live could bring to the team, including creating new career paths for players after their professional careers ended with the possibility of internships at Bastion.

“We are ecstatic about the partnership as Bastion has so much expertise in the sponsorship arena, which will enable us to grow as a club, expand our content, compete in more international tournaments and attract more talent while also supporting our players who often sacrifice other career opportunities for the sport,” Mr Collier said.

“We want to be the number one team in Australia and compete as a top international team and this partnership will help bring a culture shift in our organisation to ensure we have that winning mentality,” he said.

Daniel Ringland, Head of esports at Riot Games Oceania, added that Bastion’s partnership is a great step for continuing the growth of esports by leveraging the experience of companies in parallel industries.
“Avant Gaming’s move to partner with Bastion follows the way of many other international esports teams, who are looking to grow and remain competitive. We would like all our OPL teams to prosper and be part of strong clubs with good partnerships, as it also has a roll-on effect, helping our league to grow,” Mr Ringland said.

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