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Blushbox Collective announce Heartbeat

Blushbox Collective announce Heartbeat

Blushbox’s first ever event will be a three day celebration of Love, Sex and Video Games.

Heartbeat will be held in Byron Bay from December 1 to 3 this year. Blushbox Collective have secured a location in a creative warehouse between the jungle and ocean in Byron Bay, NSW to challenge developers to try new ways of representing intimacy in videogames!

Heartbeat will be a 3-day event comprising a gamejam, talks and workshops from interdisciplinary artists, romance writers, performance artists, a sexual psychologist, game designers and more who use the themes of love, sex and romance to inspire their work.

Heartbeat will run for three days in December and participants will be placed in a team they have never worked in before to create any kind of game they want, alt control, board game, experimental, experiential, physical, folk game or video games of any kind!

Heartbeat will kick off on the Friday with the one-day symposium before participants will be grouped together and sent off to start the game jam which will run throughout the weekend.

Saturday will host a series of optional workshops from how to make alt controllers to shibari rope tying and guided sexual meditation classes. Co-founder Katie Stegs says, “You can also catch some surf on the beach and have BBQ lunch with us. Whatever floats your boat :P”

Sunday will be game submission and the after party will be on the beautiful beach at Byron Bay.

Blushbox has also launched a curated collection of games featuring intimacy, love or romance themes, Love Collection is an ever growing collection of games with themes of intimacy, love, sex and romance and can be found on our website. Anyone is free to contribute submissions.

In collaboration with BAR SK in Melbourne, Blushbox will be co-hosting XXXHIBITION: a selection of love sex and romance games running from June 9 to 28 June and for one night only Blushbox Collective will converge in Melbourne for Blushbox Bartend BAR SK on June 17 to promote Heartbeat.

Heartbeat is application only and places are limited. Applications are open until July 30. For more information you can check the Blushbox site.

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