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Case Study: How Ubisoft boarded Channel Ten's Wake Up

Case Study: How Ubisoft boarded Channel Ten's Wake Up

In the latest of our Case Study series we spoke to Ubisoft about the launch of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

For the launch of Black Flag, Ubisoft partnered with Channel Ten’s Wake Up morning show and Sydney Tall Ships for a series of suitably pirate themed live crosses. You can view a behind-the-scenes clip of the activity below.

We spoke with Ubisoft’s PR team of Anna Chance and Mikey Foley to find out how they put the concept into action.

Where did the idea for this activity come from?

We were very excited when it was revealed that Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag would be set during the golden age of piracy. Our imaginations ran wild! We wanted to really tap in to the historical (and pirate-y!) side of the game, and discussed all sorts of potential activations with our PR Agency. The Wake Up concept was developed as an element of our partnership with Sydney Tall Ships, who we worked with for the International Fleet Review (IFR) in early October. During the IFR, Sydney Tall Ships transformed one of their authentic ships with custom made Assassin’s Creed IV branded sails. They were extremely supportive of our launch and kindly offered us the use of the tall ship for media activations.

How did you go about hiring a tall ship?

Our established partnership with Sydney Tall Ships around the Fleet review allowed us access to the tall ship for the morning.

Can you talk about some of the challenges you faced to make it happen, both in the organisational stage and on the day?

The early morning wakeup call was a challenge! The whole team were at the Rocks by 4.45am to get fitted for costumes and for hair and makeup. Any logistical problems we faced were ironed out early on in the organisational stages and on the day everything ran extremely smoothly. One of the things that would have made things a little difficult was the weather, but luckily it turned out to be a perfect morning.

How did you approach selecting a media partner?

We worked really closely with Wake Up and did a lot of research to develop concepts which would be interesting to their viewers, created great visuals and ultimately were relevant to the game. Knowing that the Wake Up set is in Manly next to the beach made them an obvious choice for a high sea adventure! Unfortunately we weren’t able to take the ship all the way to Manly in the end but our final location in Campbell’s Cove with the Harbour Bridge in the back ground was pretty spectacular.

Who were you trying to reach with this activity?

Our goal for any PR or marketing activity is to drive awareness for our games with new audiences and Wake Up’s mainstream reach made it a  great platform for this.

How did you measure the success of this activity?

The length and number of segments which we achieved for this activity was fantastic, and came down to us being able to provide interesting and relevant content to Wake Up, which they knew would be exciting to watch. After we completed the crosses with Wake Up on the day, we extended the activation by developing some unique content with our pirate actors (including some Ubisoft pirates!) and we pushed this out via our social media channels.


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