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Choose your Difficulty: Easy, Normal, AI?

Choose your Difficulty: Easy, Normal, AI?

Among the many overlooked technologies that power our digital world, there sits the often-misunderstood artificial intelligence (AI). A phrase of which fills our heads with images of killer robots and sentient computers, and more recently, video games!

In a recent game of DOTA 2, in front of over 100,000 concurrent viewers, five of the world’s best players went face to face with OpenAI Five, a team entirely controlled by an artificial intelligence.

Winning 2-1 against the pro’s, OpenAI Five fought with precision and timing of which would be improbable (though not impossible) for a human to achieve. As the match begins, each team must pick characters, as each is picked, OpenAI Five calculated its win probability which you can see below;

OpenAI Five won the round shown above, finishing off the pros in just 24 minutes and 53 seconds in game two. The accuracy of the OpenAI Five’s predictions are hard to establish with such a small sample, despite this however, the OpenAI team decided to shake things up during round three, allowing the audience members to pick the character line-ups for each team, heavily weighing in the pro’s favor.

Of course, the pro’s won. Trashing OpenAI Five in round three, with the odds stacked against it the artificial intelligence predicted an improbable 2.9% chance of winning. Despite this, the AI managed to fight its way in the early stages of the match, achieving a more promising 17% win probability, before ultimately losing 35 minutes into the round.

You can get a better idea of the way OpenAI Five works through the video below, where it can be seen predicting an enemy player’s moves dynamically;

Fetch quests, difficulty curves, dialogue, level design and more are areas in which games utilize AI to create unique experiences for players. The implementation though crude has contributed to the success of many of the best games in the last decade, Skyrim, Mario Party, Mass Effect, among others. The implementation of AI into competitive games is a magnitude above any previous, and show’s how far we have still left to go in creating more exciting and innovative video games.

Making an AI that beats human players is just the first step, in reality, constantly getting beaten by the computer makes for pretty poor gameplay. And so, the next step in gaming AI is to create technologies that adapt to an individual’s unique skill level, and craft more engaging content through this.

To give you an idea of what the OpenAI Five is like to play with, five audience members fought the AI in a pre-game match-up, losing the game in just 14 minutes (an evenly matched game is typically 45 minutes). With such a promising future ahead of the artificial intelligence community, I can’t wait to see the capacity in which artificial intelligence will impact gaming, lets just collectively avoid creating a war games scenario, shall we?

The full match VOD is available below, keep an eye out for how quick and precise the OpenAI characters movements and attacks are;

You can read the full overview of the recent match over on the OpenAI website.

Evil Within 2