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Dick Smith angers gamers with bungled sale

Dick Smith angers gamers with bungled sale

Retailer Dick Smith Electronics had a rough end to last week, when rumours slipped out that it was having a massive sale soon.

Kotaku reported on a leaked price list suggesting radical clearance prices on all gaming items over the long weekend, which was later confirmed on the Dick Smith Facebook page, which stated:

“Many of you have heard the rumours, and we wanted to let you know they are true! Our massive $7 million Gaming clearance will commence April 2nd, and you don’t want to miss it!”

While the statement outlined clear rules for the sale and stated that “stock is strictly limited”, that “stock may vary between stores” and that “offers are only available while stocks last”, a huge number of customers became disgruntled today when they found that the stores were sold out of a large amount of promised items, and has already led to the beginning of negative press concerning the sale, with News.com.au calling the sale a ‘PR disaster’.

The sale price list was offering Playstation 3s for as low as AUD$199 and Xbox 360s for AUD$99, which led to a massive influx of consumers and reports of people lining up at stores this morning to take advantage.

This has led to hundreds of negative comments on the Dick Smith Facebook Page, with many consumers venting their rage, others suggesting they will never patronise the chain again, and yet others being adamant that the sale must have been an April Fools’ joke in poor taste at their expense.

Additionally, reports that a lot of the stock in highest demand were picked up by internal staff were furthering the unrest amongst customers who felt like the chain had wasted a significant amount of their time with false promises.

Dick Smith addressed the negative comments with the following statement:

“Due to the popularity of the Gaming Sale, we understand some customers have been left disappointed this morning. 

Today’s sale was a clearance sale which means stock was strictly limited and availability varied between stores and online. This was clearly outlined on our page when the sale was announced last week.

We received an overwhelming response this morning. As a result many stores sold out within the first hour of the sale and our website received an unprecedented volume of traffic. 

Contrary to some reports, Dick Smith will continue to sell Gaming.”

The latter part of the statement refers to accusations by Australian gaming web site VOOKS that DSE was getting out of gaming entirely, and was shedding stock for that reason.

MCV will be contacting the retailer for further confirmation of its plans in the gaming sector.


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