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Distributor Profile: QV Software

Distributor Profile: QV Software

Welcome to a new series highlighting the various games software, hardware and accessories distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

We kick off our distributor profiles by chatting with Omar Braery, head of marketing at QV Software.

Company Name: QV Software (QVS)

Location: Sydney, NSW Australia

Established: Operating under the current management since 2003

Headcount: 11-25

Distribution Products: Software and Accessories

Brands: Avanquest, City Interactive, Focus Home Interactive, Focus Multimedia, Koch Media, NCsoft, Nero, Thrustmaster, Turtle Beach

QVS is a mainstay in games distribution now. What are some of the biggest changes you’ve witnessed in the industry over the past decade?

There’s been a few changes. The ones to highlight would be the reduction in AAA price points as well as the emergence of gaming specific marketing agencies – especially over the past couple of years. Add to that a shift in distributor strategies. They’ve adopted similar practices as publishers in their product positioning and marketing approach, the local market has gone through quite a transformation.

Of course there’s also been the headset phenomenon which we were right at the forefront of when we were fortunate enough to bring Turtle Beach to the local market.

One of the other major changes has been the public perception of our industry. We’ve become more and more accepted and validated as a legitimate player in the entertainment space with more and more focus from mainstream thanks to the IGEA’s tireless efforts.

What are your primary strengths as a business?

Our ability to remain relevant and reinvent ourselves through diversification, yet remaining true to our core values as a business. We are all about our partners and the brands we represent. As a distributor, we understand that our success is directly dependant on the success of our partners. With this in mind, the central focal question in all our plans and strategies is “what is the impact on our partners and their brands?”

Building on this foundation, a mix of good business practice, keeping our partners informed of local market conditions through transparent planning and the holy grail of managing steady, sustainable growth all contribute to our strength as a business.

How do you view the current retail climate in the ANZ market?

It’s been quite challenging over the past 18-24 months. With the squeeze on price points and abundance of content on offer, it’s become a very competitive landscape further emphasising the need to offer a point of difference. There was also a level of caution and uncertainty in the lead up to the release of next-gen consoles that kept consumers at bay for a little while which we’ve hopefully turned the corner on.

What is your focus for the next twelve months?

Our focus for the next 12 months continues to be serving our partners and brands in the best possible way. Continuing to adapt to market forces and working with our local and overseas partners to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

With a number of things in the pipeline, we’re looking forward a solid year and bringing exciting products and content to the local gaming community. It’s a very exciting time at QVS right now!


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