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E3 Wrap-Up: Electronic Arts Press Conference

E3 Wrap-Up: Electronic Arts Press Conference

EA has kicked off this year’s E3 in style, with a strong showing from its annual sports titles, a literal deep dive into up-coming shooters Anthem and Battlefield V, and a wholesome surprise release (yes, release) of Unravel Two while putting the icing on the cake, announcing an all-new Origin Access Premier subscription service.

Check out the latest announcements below;

Battlefield V

DICE’s latest rendition of the tragic second world war, bringing back it’s ‘War Stories’ mode in place of a traditional campaign, players will bear witness to many different stories from throughout the most gruelling fight in human history, announcements include;

  • A ‘battle royale’ mode, touting a royale experience that only a Battlefield game can pull off, including; environmental destruction, team-based gameplay, and vehicles.
  • No loot boxes, no premium pass, and only cosmetic microtransactions.
  • Content updates and new experiences released daily, through Battlefield V’s ‘Tides of War’ mode.

Check out the latest multiplayer gameplay trailer.


As expected, a new FIFA will grace football fan’s consoles this year, featuring the UEFA Champions League and an all-new story mode. In celebration of FIFA 19’s announcement, and jumping onto the global hype surrounding this year’s Fifa World Cup, FIFA 18 is now available on a free trial through Origin Access.

Check out the official UEFA reveal trailer.

NBA Live 19

A return to form for one of EA’s most beloved franchises, new game modes, courts, and players make NBA Live 19 the strongest series offering to date;

  • Adding an all-new progression system
  • New courts, featuring places like Paris, Brazil and the Philippines, which all play with their own unique rules.

Check out the official reveal trailer.


Coming from the same team that brought gamers the Mass Effect series, Anthem is BioWare’s latest foray into the RPG genre, with this entry allowing players to share their adventure’s with others;

  • A strong emphasis on story (As to be expected form a BioWare game), played out in a ‘Shared World’ with other players.
  • “our world, my story” was repeated throughout the demonstration, creating a clear understanding that you may well be playing Anthem with friends, but your decisions will impact your story.
  • A challenging environment that will encouraging players to band together in the hostile world.
  • EA repeats; No loot boxes, no premium pass, and only cosmetic microtransactions.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Anthem.

Unravel Two

A surprise announcement, and release! Unravel Two is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, sequel to the ever wholesome Unravel.

  • The new sequel can be played both through single player or Co-Op, featuring two ‘Yarnys’ red an blue for players to adventure forthwith.

Take a look at the reveal trailer for Unravel Two.

Star Wars

New updates to Battlefront II, and a surprise announcement that Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment are working on a new addition to the franchise called ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’.

  • Set in the dark age, where Jedi are being hunted and slaughtered, players will take part as a Jedi fighting for both their survival and to bring balance to the force.
  •  Star Wars Battlefront II design director Dennis Bräanvall gave a sincere apology for the loot box outcry last year, announcing DICE’s position moving forward.
  • Battlefront II will receive Clone Wars-themed coming later this year, as well as new game modes, one described as a “large-scale sandbox experience”, hinting at the return of some of the Battlefront’s most popular series modes.

Madden NFL 19

Discussing the success and exciting future of esports, Madden 19 is looking to put the focus of it’s upcoming title on refining it’s competative offering, a smart move given it’s success in North America.

Take a look at the latest reveal trailer.

Origin Access

Expanding on its existing service, EA has announced ‘Origin Access Premier’, a new service that will offer the companies brand new first-party releases set to launch this summer. Additionally, Origin Access will be available on a free trial for a limited time..

Learn more about EA over on their official website, and follow EA on twitter to stay up to date with the latest announcements.

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