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The EGAA launches New Zealand Panel; Introducing the EGANZ

The EGAA launches New Zealand Panel; Introducing the EGANZ

Led by existing EGAA Board Member Jason Spiller, the new panel will dedicate itself to serving the interests of the New Zealand esports scene and its stakeholders.

The panel features some of New Zealand’s top experts, including;

  • Conrad Ware, leader of Ping Zero, New Zealand’s longest running LAN community
  • Tom Featonby, leader of the Waikato United Gaming Society (WUGS), and the Godfather of Waikato gaming
  • Leni Ayoub, the voice of the PC community and long-serving esports supporter
  • David Niue, the undisputed champion of the Kiwi fighting game community
  • Jon Dudley, of Masterminds, and Kiwi esports cultural attaché
  • Ben ‘Crimson’ Macdonald, a long-time player in the esports scene, competing for SYF Gaming.

Moving forward as the EGANZ, the panel looks to grow the New Zealand esports industry, ensuring the continued professional development of the industry, and sustainable growth.

Assisting with industry initiatives, the panel will assist in assisting with dedicated community engagement, representation, and advocacy of the New Zealand gaming community.

Spiller spoke of the panel, saying; “I am so excited to work alongside an amazing group of esports leaders to ensure that the future of Kiwi esports is positive, sustainable, collaborative, and globally connected. EGANZ is all about supporting kiwi gamers giving them every bit of support to reach their goals in esports.”

The EGANZ Panel is for everyone in the New Zealand esports community – there to help and advise on best practice rules and regulations, leading to a sustainable, inclusive, and thriving esports scene in New Zealand.

The EGANZ panel encourages New Zealand industry members to reach out for any help and advice needed regarding NZ esports, encouraging existing members of the industry to get involved in building a better Kiwi esports scene.

Learn more about the new EGANZ panel, and read the full release on the official EGAA website.

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