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Former Apple execs launch new social gaming streaming service, Caffeine

Former Apple execs launch new social gaming streaming service, Caffeine

Ben Keighran and Sam Roberts, two former Apple TV designers, have secured $46-million over two funding rounds to take on the likes of Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and most recently Facebook, with a new gaming focused streaming service.

The two founded the company in April 2016, and raised the start up capital through VC firms Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners.

A beta version of Caffeine is already live on their website and through an iOS app, in addition to the platform a host of tools for streamers to use. Its current version focuses on video gaming, with streams able to be shared on Facebook and Twitter, which Caffeine believes will give them an edge with more personal shares, saying it will result in “more meaningful social engagements while disposing of toxic chatter.”

Announcing the launch, Ben Keighran, Caffeine’s CEO said, I left Apple to create a company that would fundamentally change the way we create, consume, share, and monetize live content. Our goal was to re-imagine every aspect of live broadcasting — ignoring the good things we could do and focusing on the really great things instead. We are committed to building the best experience for creators, giving them everything they need, from the broadcasting software all the way through to how the audience discovers and enjoys their content. We have put together a world-class engineering and content team that will transform the way the world thinks about live broadcasting.”

Ben Horowitz, co-founder and general partner, Andreessen Horowitz added,  “Caffeine is masterfully designed to enable creators in all fields to connect with their audiences in the best way possible.”

You can check the website for more information. The below is a break down of the service by Caffeine.

Simple to Use

Straightforward to use, Caffeine makes broadcasting 1-click easy and requires no additional software. Caffeine has been designed with simplicity, safety, and quality at its core and offers three ways to broadcast: PC game broadcast software, webcam from a Mac or PC browser, and the Caffeine iOS app. There is no need to configure bitrates, stream keys, IP addresses, or other time-consuming details.

A Safe and Friendly Community

Caffeine is a social broadcasting platform, meaning that people, not content, are at the center of the experience. Users find content because of the people they follow in their social circles, and come together to experience that content. That means, there are no endless feeds of meaningless comments — personal conversations with friends and creators are given preference, enabling more meaningful social engagements while disposing of toxic chatter. And because the proprietary infrastructure delivers content and conversations with virtually no latency, the interactions happen in real time.

Better for Creators

With Caffeine, creators can build more personal, meaningful relationships with their followers. Stronger relationships mean deeper engagement with their content, and ultimately, better ways to monetize that content. A re-imagined, easy to use monetization system will be coming to the platform in early 2018.




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