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Fortnite Serves up an Ace at the Australian Open

Fortnite Serves up an Ace at the Australian Open

Last weekend saw Fortnite fans far and wide descend on the Australian Open, competing in the Fortnite Summer Smash, hosted by Epic Games and Double Jump, fighting for their share of a combined $500,000 prize pool.

The event took place live at Melbourne’s Margeret Court Arena, witnessing a staggering 20,000 concurrent viewers tuning in for the inaugural event live at twitch.tv/ausopentennis

Of the Open Solo tournaments whopping $400,000 prize pool, Jesse Eckley took home the lions share of $100,000, with runners up araki . and NotNaapr, who placed second and third respectively, snagging a cool $50,000 each.

2019 Austalian Open

Check out the full prize split below,

  1. Twitch x2Twins ($100,000)
  2. araki . ($50,000)
  3. NotNaapr ($50,000)
  4. Theschnake ($25,000)
  5. Gosu_Keith ($25,000)
  6. Jynx Twitch ($25,000)
  7. Dolf ($5,000)
  8. TwitterDevourOCE ($5,000)
  9. Youtube.Kayez ($5,000)
  10. TAYLOR_IS_ME ($5,000)
  • 11th-15th place  –  $3,000
  • 16th-20th place  –   $2,000
  • 21st-100th place  –   $1,000

The Summer Smash also played host to two intense Duo’s games, an open duos tournament, as well as a celebrity Pro-Am, featuring well-known faces in the global Fortnite community.

The two duos matches saw a further $100,000 dollars donated from each match to the chosen charities of the winning 4 teams.

MrFreshAsian and his partner Jacko ‘JXN’ Brazier placed first, splitting their $50,000 to charities Heaps Decent and Water.org. Some of the other big names from the Pro-Am included gaming content creators;

  • Lachlan (NSW)
  • Lazarbeam (NSW)
  • Loserfruit (Vic)
  • MrFreshAsian (NSW) (Winner)
  • Muselk (NSW)
  • Valkyrae (USA)
  • Vikkstar (UK)

Peripherals for the hit tournament we’re provided by mix of popular gaming brands, including; Logitech, Corsair, BenQ ZOWIE, and Plantronics.

Did you miss the games? You can watch the full Fortnite Summer Smash on the official Australian Open TV YouTube channel.

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