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Game Masters: The Decade Reaching Gaming Exhibition Returns

Game Masters: The Decade Reaching Gaming Exhibition Returns

The globally celebrated exhibition is heading to Canberra’s National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) from September 27th 2019 – March 9th 2020.

The new exhibit offers an interactive journey through five decades of video game history, giving attendees a look behind the curtain at some of the worlds most popular and celebrated gaming franchises.

The NFSA will feature the exhibit for an extended period, a gaming takeover featuring some of the world’s greatest designs, characters & over 100 games ready to play from the last five decades.

Game Masters will arrive in Canberra in keeping with a 6-year international tour that has seen over 1 million visitors since inception. This new edition of the popular exhibit will also feature Australian creations.

First opening in Melbourne in 2012, the show has since turned nine museums across the USA, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, and Sweden. Introducing thousands to the history behind their favorite gaming titles.

Senior ACMI Curator Fiona Trigg said ‘We are thrilled that the Game Masters exhibition will be returning to Australia and showing at the NFSA. There are deep connections between film, TV, and videogames, and this exhibition reveals how the worlds’ best designers approach storytelling, character design and playability in so many different ways. From dance challenges to quixotic puzzle mediations to vintage arcade games, all playable, the exhibition is fun for the mind, the body and the imagination!’

Over thirty prolific game designers are profiled throughout the exhibit across the three sections;  Arcade Heroes, Game Changers, and Indies.

Jan Müller, CEO of the NFSA, said ‘Game Masters is a lot of fun, offering visitors hours of discovery and play. But it is also a formal acknowledgment by the NFSA of the importance of video games in contemporary pop culture, their influence in immersive storytelling, and their role within the broader audiovisual production sector.’

‘Game Masters provides an opportunity for audiences to discover the creative process behind video games and be amazed by their evolution. It is more than an exhibition; it is a space for different generations of gamers to come together and celebrate their favorites.’

A roster of events and screenings will run alongside the exhibition, with tickets and more information available at nfsa.gov.au/gamemasters

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