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GameArena in trouble?

GameArena in trouble?

UPDATE: A new post at the top of GameArena has four year staff writer Limmi announcing his departure. It adds nothing to the potential fate of the site, but is a further brushstroke in a bad painting.

Original Story Follows:

With the recent cessation of Andy Wells’ Weekly Update videos and Jeremy Ray’s Five Inch Floppy, things aren’t looking good at GameArena.

Multiple freelancers have confirmed to MCV that work from the site has been scarce, while only one review has gone up on the normally readily populated site since April.

Furthermore, a forum post from ‘GameArena Staff’ asked readers to participate in the yearly survey. Indicating that the survey ought to really galvanise readers into letting Telstra know why GameArena was valuable, it was a call to action for people to help a site seemingly in peril.

The survey was entitled ‘We’re not too proud to beg.’

After MCV brought this to the attention of Telstra, it was changed to the much more benign ‘Thanks for your support’.

A Telstra representative confirmed that the site will still remain active, but didn’t comment on the specific of what all the recent changes to the site mean.

Telstra’s digital media and IPTV division – of which GameArena is part of – recently underwent a review which has led to changes among some of its digital content services.

As a result, changes to GameArena in recent weeks have included the cessation of Five Inch Floppy and Andy Wells’ weekly update. GameArena’s Game and Voice Server Rentals will also close on June 30.

At this stage, GameArena.com.au and its public servers will continue to be available after June 30.


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