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Gamescom Wrap-Up: Nintendo

Gamescom Wrap-Up: Nintendo

In a non-stop month of announcements and releases, Nintendo stepped up the pace at Gamescom this week, announcing, then releasing three new titles onto Nintendo Switch eShop.

Alongside the three new releases came a host of game updates, trailers, and hands on time with Nintendo first-party and Nindie titles set to release in the coming months.

So let’s jump into the Gamescom announcements;

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Taking Switch players to the place the story began, the original season of Telltale Games The Walking Dead is set to launch on Nintendo Switch August 28.

Morphies Law

A game with mass appeal, Morphies Law is a robot morpology driven 3D shooter, where each weapon hit transfers mass from the victim’s damaged limb (making it shrink) to the corresponding limb of the attacker (making it grow).

The game is out now on the Nintendo eShop.

Mario Tennis Aces

Diddy Kong joins the fun as a playable character in the Mario Tennis Aces September online tournament. Diddy comes ready to serve with his own unique moves and abilities to help him navigate the court, and serve up aces.

Bad North

Announced and released on Nintendo Switch during Gamescom, Bad North is a charming but beautiful real-time tactics roguelite, where players lead the desperate exodus of your people to fight against an invading Viking horde.

Saints Row: The Third

Popular franchise saints row will see it’s debut switch release, with Nintendo announcing Saints Row: The Third is on it’s way to Switch consoles.

Prison Architect

Cult hit Prison Architect has launched onto Nintendo Switch, the hit game saw massive success when it initially launched onto PC, and with it’s further success on mobile platforms, Switch looks to be a perfect platform fit for Prison Architect.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Put the ‘car’ in ‘cardboard’ whit the launch of Nintendo Labo’s first expansion pack, the Vehicle Kit. Offering three new creations for players to build, modify, and play with, the new kit is set to launch players into the land, air, and sea September 14.


A surprise announcement from Nintendo, InkyPen is a subscription-based comic reading application exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The application transforms the Switch console into the ideal device to exploring your favourite comic book worlds.

InkyPen is set to launch November exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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