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GGWP Academy; opening doors to budding influencers, and esports athletes

GGWP Academy; opening doors to budding influencers, and esports athletes

The pioneering esports education platform for influencers, GGWP Academy, has revealed its new team, getting ready to launch under new branding this June.

Following GGWP’s founder Jacqueline Garrett’s recent completion of the leAD Sports Accelerator Program in Berlin, GGWP is set to make waves once again, announcing its new team, alongside new branding set to launch this June.

Garret is joined by Software Engineer John Keto, and Marketer Cassie Puah as co-founders, alongside Kara Gee, or @potassiummm as some may know her, joins the team as Community Manager. The GGWP team continues to grow to support their community and launch later this year. Read on to learn more about each member.

“Right now, we’re very much focused on providing the best value and learning experience possible for our users whilst also raising seed capital so we can bring this product to as many gamers possible, globally. We’re very excited to be the first to market in this space and to announce the partnerships we’re currently locking down.” said Garret

John Keto, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, joins GGWP as a talented Software engineer, bringing an intention and excitement of building a platform that would not only be first to market but also, a world first for tech implementation.

Cassie Puah, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, comes from a highly successful Australian startup background, responsible for launching and growing several startups.

Kara Gee, Community Manager, over 15 years experience in online gaming communities makes Kara a perfect fit for the start-up.

“This is more than a logo. It’s a signal to every athlete out there who has a passion for gaming that this is the home for the next generation of champions. It’s a new look that we hope will solidify our place in the future of esports” Garret continued.

Written in a recent press released by GGWP Academy; The mission is simple, to open new doors for budding influencers and esports athletes so that they can reach their full potential

Be sure to keep up with GGWP Academy by following @ggwpacademy on twitter, and joining in at https://ggwpacademy.com/

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