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goto.game celebrates its 1st trip around the sun

goto.game celebrates its 1st trip around the sun

In a proud announcement made last week, game industry news site goto.game is celebrating its first trip around the sun.

News, reviews, events and more filled goto.games first year operating in the ANZ region, partnering with industry leaders Lenovo Legion, Intel Gaming Australia and New Zealand, Intel Asia, ZOTAC Gaming, Gfinity Australia and Bethesda.

goto.game has helped to push ANZ gaming forward, working with the South Australian government on launching its first ever tech and gaming event in 2017; Hybrid World Adelaide. Setting out with one goal, to create a place for all gaming audiences to ‘go to’ for all things gaming, be they a gamer, content creator, esports team, or brand, goto.game brought them all together.

By gamers, for gamers, in partnership with brands

It’s safe to say goto.game has had a massive first year, and CEO Emma Lo Russo, and Head of goto.game Phid McAwesome spoke about their time spent building the site;

“The investment we have made in goto.game is paying off. The market continues to grow dramatically when measuring audience engagement, investment in prize money and competitions, and in the quality of content and entertainment value that the gamers, streamers and esports teams offer their fans.

As technology and infrastructure continue to provide opportunities for this industry to grow, brands will find increasing value in all the opportunities that arise.” said Emma.

“This year has been exciting, working alongside some of the best content creators in gaming, partnered with some amazing global brands and having the privilege to work on some great gaming events.

We have our eyes on the next year being even bigger and better!” Said Phid.

goto.game is running a celebratory competition, where entrants can win $365 worth of credit on PlayStation, Xbox or Steam, learn more here!

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