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Guy 'Yug' Blomberg joins PAX Australia team

Guy 'Yug' Blomberg joins PAX Australia team

Today, MCV’s own Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg has announced that he will be taking on a role with PAX Australia as Event & Marketing Manager.

Blomberg will be working directly with the event management teams which head up PAX Prime and PAX East to bring PAX’s first international outing to Australia next year.

Robert Khoo, President of Operations and Business Development for Penny Arcade, told MCV: “People have been asking ‘how can you possibly plan a PAX on the other side of the planet?’ Quite frankly, we wouldn’t be able to without expertise on the ground, and Yug’s name kept popping up as the guy to have on our team.”

Blomberg added: “Any gamer worth their salt knows of Penny Arcade, and the honest relationship they’ve built with the gaming community made PAX the definitive event for gamers to join together and celebrate.”

“Having the first international PAX coming to Australia is a massive validation for the huge gaming culture we have here. Quite frankly, my head is close to exploding with all the awesomeness that’s being planned.” 

Blomberg is the creative force behind the Mana Bar videogame cocktail bars in Brisbane and Melbourne, and is the co-creator of the AustralianGamer.com specialist gaming media site (now Gameplanet Australia).

His duties on MCV in advertising sales were recently taken up by Joel Van Daal, while Blomberg will remain to manage MCV events in addition to his PAX responsibilities.

PAX has been around since 2004, and between the two shows, located in Seattle and Boston, it gathers over 129’000 people per year.

The event positions itself as a community-based event which brings together all types of gaming, from console to PC and tabletop.

There has been no announcement yet with time or place details for PAX Australia. More info as it comes.


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