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IGN launches IGN First with Forza Horizon 2 reveal

IGN launches IGN First with Forza Horizon 2 reveal

Games website IGN says its newest initiative demonstrates the strength of its global network.

IGN First is a new feature, launched today with the unveiling of Forza Horizon 2, that IGN believes can take such worldwide exclusive “to the next level through truly global coordination of coverage.”

IGN says it plans to take the biggest and most-anticipated upcoming games and dedicate a full month’s worth of coverage to them. Coverage, it says, you won’t find anywhere else during that month.

Indeed, the only coverage of the Forza sequel you’ll find today is on IGN or links back to IGN’s coverage. Microsoft did not even issue a press release about the game.

IGN AU editor Luke Reilly was one of the IGN staff heavily involved in the debut of IGN First.

“Some months will be exclusive reveals of brand new, previously unannounced games – like Forza Horizon 2,” he says. “Others will be exhaustive deep dives on the top tier games readers already care about.

“A new IGN First will debut at the start of each month. IGN First coverage will run in conjunction with all our usual, monthly news, feature, previews, and reviews.

“Our debut IGN First, Forza Horizon 2, saw members of IGN’s US, Australian, and UK offices rendezvous in Leamington Spa in England’s East Midlands region to visit developer Playground Games. We spent a whole day going over Forza Horizon 2 with a host of senior developers at the studio.

“We’ve got some cool plans; it’ll be exciting to see what games we’ll be able to reveal and thoroughly explore on the site next.”

You can read all of IGN’s Forza Horizon 2 coverage here.

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