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IN PHOTOS: Global Game Jam Sydney successes

IN PHOTOS: Global Game Jam Sydney successes

There were thousands of games created at the Global Game Jam, and in Sydney and in each participating ANZ location, teams were honoured.

The Powerhouse Musem in Sydney played host to the awards event (pictured right and below), where media, industry and the public were invited to sample the 30 odd games created within 48 hours and cast their votes for the best.

As usual, the freedom from constraints made for incredible creativity amongst the selected winners, with games ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.

The Best Game award went to O2, a game in which players found themselves abandoned in a space suit low on oxygen and had to suck extra out of nearby fallen comrades to survive.

In keeping with the bleak morbidity of O2, Monster Sushi Train (Best Flash/AIR Game) saw you slicing up human hearts to be eaten as sushi by adorable monsters.

The Games Accessibility Award and Best Audio Award went to A Shot in the Dark, which was a first-person game for blind people, containing no visuals whatsoever. Another game, Blind, simulated partial blindness and also had a huge dependence on audio to guide the characters through a barely visible world.

There was a great title as the Sydney Runner Up, which was a 2D city-building game called Tremor Town where you could build easily and quickly but were hit with earthquakes every few seconds.

And finally, a brilliantly handled audio-visual experience came in the incredibly simple yet affecting Heart of the Forest. It was a one button music rhythm game which just happened to use incredible classical music and beautiful artwork to great effect.

A special note must also go to Brennan Hatton for participating in the event within three weeks of breaking his back, and to the creators of Managotchi, for ruining by brain with a subversive and downright bizzare take on Japanese gaming.

The event was a benificent celebration of game design culture, and hats must go off to all the organisers, jammers, location and equipment providers and all people involved.

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