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In their words, thank you Senator Scott Ludlam

In their words, thank you Senator Scott Ludlam

Following his shock resignation late last week, the Australian development community give their thanks to the man who fought so hard for this industry.

Alongside the continued praise of MCV Pacific, Mr Ludlam, here are the people for whom, you helped the most.

Adam Goodrich , CEO, Procedural Worlds
Loved listening your tenacious grilling of the people who are doing nothing to promote a massive and growing industry. Hope you somehow stay involved in the gaming industry. Wish you the best where ever you go!

Adric Polkinghorne, Producer, Jammed Up Studios
As Jammed Up pushes towards our first commercial release, we look forward to a large portion of our profits being taken by a government that doesn’t care about us. Seeing you go is truly heartbreaking, but we remain hopeful that the continued support of your party will help carry the Australian games industry to its rightful place as leaders of innovation, creativity and technology.

Alex Stevens, Technical Director , Organic Humans
Thanks for sticking it to the Liberals and Labor all these years!

Amit Oberoi, COO & Co-Founder, Game Plus
On behalf of the 22 studios and 80 developers at Game Plus Canberra, I would like to thank you for your commitment and tireless effort in support of the Australian Video Games Development Industry. Your advocacy helped to ensure vital recognition of Australian developers and we wish you all the best in your next endeavours.

Anna Tito
You have worked tirelessly to bring some comprehension of technology and the importance of our industry to those who did not want to hear it. For this, and all the rest of your incredible work, I thank you!

Anthony Hope, Games Designer, Room 2.9
Just thank you, as me and my team take your first steps into the games industry. we are so thankful for doing what no one has, and that is letting the government take notice of an industry that is never going to stop. Thank you.”

Anthony Massingham, Programmer, Defiant Development
Thank you for fighting for all of us. Each, and every developer I know appreciates everything you did.

Ben Kosmina, Designer, Mighty Games Group
Dear Scott, Thank you so much for representation of our industry during your time as Greens Senator. Your passion and commitment to the games sector is commendable and means a great deal to us all. You are always welcome within our community. Maybe we can play some Mario Kart, Splatoon or D&D together! All the best in whatever you decide to do next – I’m sure you’ll excel at it.

Ben Marrinan, Game Designer, Team Shifty
Thank you.

Benjamin Hoad , Senior UX Designer and Front End Developer, benhoad.net
You were the only one who actually understood the ramifications of knee-jerk digital policy. Keep fighting. I’m being cautiously optimistic stating that the Australian senate isn’t 100% doomed but it sure as hell lost an invaluable asset in you.

Benjamin Turner , Self Employed
Thank you so much for all your hard work! You filled me with hope every time I saw the news discuss games as an industry. Without you pushing to bring Australia up to scratch in parliament, Australia will continue to be the country that’s 15 years behind the rest of the world.
Thank you for all you’ve done.

Blake Kammermann, Game Design Student, Queensland University of Technology
Thank you for being one of the only politicians publicly backing the games industry. Myself and everyone I’ve spoken to is devastated to see you leave.

Brendan Bennett
Thanks for everything, Scott! No matter where you end up in the future, you can be sure I’ll be there to support your endeavors. All the best and good luck!

Brendan Votano, Founder, Blue Volcano Studio
Thanks for understanding the importance of our industry and going the extra mile to make sure that our needs are heard. When we are finally recognised as a serious industry in parliament, it will be due to your hard work.

Bruno Rime, Founder, Photon Workshop
Senator Scott Ludlam, Thank you for your insight and dedication to forwarding Australia’s contribution to the technology sectors. Your over the horizon vision will be missed. I hope the current situation is a temporary one and that we can benefit from your invaluable representation in the senate again soon.

Calum, Director, Cardboard Keep
Thank you for giving us a voice in parliament and thank you for taking the time to listen and understand. You will be sorely missed by the whole industry.

Ceri Davies, Creative Director, Early Worm,
Thank you for pushing Australia forwards. You have done so much for us during your time here, it has pained us all to see you step down.

Chris B, Designer
Thank you for all your hard work and contributions to the Australian game development community. Best of luck further.

Chris Peck, CEO , Insane Gorilla
Thank you so much for all your support, there have been so few politicians who have recognised our industry as a real thing, rather than dismissing it as some childish passing phase. If only the rest of them shared your vision the world would be a better place, and not just for the games industry.

Chris Webb, Student Dev, UON
Thanks for the support in a underappreciated industry. We deserve senators like you.

Corey Taylor,Director – Programming Lead, Storm Giant Studios
Your efforts to get Australia a solid foothold in this industry will be missed, sad that you weren’t able to finish the job. Can’t wait till you come back and make it happen!

Dallas Ball, 3D Artist, Great Helm
Thank you truly for everything you have tried to do against this blatantly stupid and close minded, closed ears government. You should truly be happy for everything you have done regardless of them. We all in the games industry were truly blessed to have had you up there doing something. I hope that someday they will fix the absurd reason that has made things go the way they have because it is a very very outdated law. The government truly needs to get its shit together and you are the first politician i have seen doing something that makes sense and who actually takes there job as a job and something that means something not just a pay check, you are a gem in a sea of coal. Good luck in all your future endeavors, and again Thank you!!!

Daniel Abramson, Student, AIE
Thank you for all of your work Scott. As a student in a locally under-supported industry, you provided light and hope to us all. Your efforts will not be forgotten.

Derek Long, Director, RevHeadz
Thank you for the support.

Ed Orman, Founder, Uppercut Games
Mr. Ludlam, we never got to meet, but I want to say thank you for your service in general, and specifically for the way you handled the Senate Inquiry into video games. If you’re ever out Gungahlin way, drop by the office so we can say thanks in person 🙂

Elliot Moule, Programmer, Indiependent Fish
Thanks, Scott. We have appreciated all your great work.

Eric Song
Thanks for being real with the current potatos in parliament

Findlay, Vet in Schools, Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Thank you for your support of our industry whilst you were in office. It is a real shame to see you leave.

George Mak, Student, Indie
Thank you for your efforts and support! It means a lot to have a voice out there advocating for the industry.

Giselle Rosman on behalf of Hipster Whale
Thanks for taking the time to learn about our industry. Thanks for recognising its cultural and economic importance. Thanks for giving game developers the chance to teach more politicians about what we do, why we do it, and why it matters. As the biggest champion for games in Federal Government, you will be sorely missed. That you’ve gone into bat for us means a lot. Here’s hoping others will pick up where you’ve left off.

Hamish Wagstaff, Director, Aberrant Realities
Thank you for trying 🙁

J.B, Game Artist
Thank you

Jack-Daniel Hunt, Student
I am not a well-known developer. I haven’t shipped any titles. I am still only a student of the games industry. I don’t know much about you, Mr Ludlam, but I know you are one of the biggest supporters of the industry that I dream to become a part of. Thank you for your efforts.

Jacob Connelly, Game Programmer, Halfbrick
Thank you for all your hard work and service to the games industry. You did an amazing job.

James Wakeham, Programmer, Cardboard Keep
Thanks for everything. Get out there and make some noise!

Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol, Community Organiser, CanDev
Hi Scott. I’d like to thank you on behalf of myself and over 500 members of CanDev, Canberra’s game development community. Every month dozens of us meet to playtest locally made games and support each other as an industry. New people join every month. You’ve helped every one of these people through your efforts and advocacy to support and recognise Australia’s growing game development industry. You have our sincere thanks and our best wishes for whatever your next adventure holds.

Jarryd Pinto
Thank you for representing a budding industry that most politicians seem to ignore. Here’s hoping you will return to continue your legacy.

Jasmina Rosa, Lead Artist, Git Wizard, Golden Age Creative
Senator Ludlum, I would like to sincerely thank you for your honestly, transparency and dedication during your time in politics. Though I am not from WA, I have been touched by your contributions to the Greens Party. Most notably, I want to thank you for championing the games development industry. We still have a long way to go but you fought for us and its made a difference. I don’t take for granted that was able to attend a games development panel at Vivid in 2016, something I didn’t think I would see in the forefront at an arts and culture festival. (I hoped to meet you but unfortunately you couldnt make it. No biggie! I only hope this momentum continues. Thanks again for all your contributions. Best of luck in the future.

Jennifer Scheurle, Game Design Lead, Opaque Space
When I came to Australia 2 1/2 years ago, my very first introduction to the local political landscape was through you, at a screening of Citizen Four in Sydney. I remember being very happy about such an eloquent representative politician and could not believe our luck when I also learned that you are deeply invested in the video game industry. We met later at events at which you tirelessly worked for us and our legitimacy. Being represented by a resilient and eloquent person like yourself is a privilege and we are much poorer to lose you. Your work for us, your honesty and standing up for what’s right – for mental health, refugees and the environment – should be an example for us all. I thank you deeply and can’t wait to see where your passion takes you next but I’d hope you will stick with us in one way or another. If you ever want to support a company working with games and space agencies, you are always welcome at Opaque Space!

Jeremy Bratetich , Student 
Thank you for being the biggest advocate for growing the games industry in Australia. Your work and dedication is appreciated and will not be forgotten. As a student, I hope to see many more senators like you in my lifetime. Good Luck!

Jess, Lead Animator, Little Reaper Games
Thanks for fighting. Thanks for giving me a voice. Thanks for giving me hope for the future. Thanks for speaking up, and speaking your mind. Most of all, thanks for being yourself. Best of luck for the future, and I hope you continue to fight the good fight”

John Kane, Director, Gritfish
Scott, you’ve always been the person in politics I looked up to most as having an understanding of technology and how it affects this country. Your tireless championing of the games industry in Australia has been an inspiration and gave many the hope that we might one day reach the same level of prestige as film or television.

Kate Raynes-Goldie, Founder & Curator, Playup Perth
Thank you for your tireless efforts fighting for what’s right, not just for the games industry but for everything that matters: privacy, freedom and the environment.

Keir, Proprietor, Keir3D
Thank you for your hard work! Keep it up!

Kyle Finlay, Software Engineer / Indie Game Developer
Thank you for everything you have done for us during your time as a Senator. You gave the games industry a voice when it was needed most.

Lauren, Katie, Meg, James, and Tahlia at Lumi Consulting
The entire Australian game development community will miss you, Scott. You’ve been a genuine champion for everybody who works in creative digital media, and there’s been a sense of optimism for the future, knowing that you were in our corner. We are so grateful that you’ve made yourself so accessible to everyone in the industry, whether it was for a serious conversation about policy planning or just a friendly chat over a drink. It was refreshing and energising to know we had a true ally in federal parliament, not just for some shallow political reasons, but because you truly saw the value in the things we make and were passionate about promoting our wellbeing. On top of all of that, you’re also a damned fine human being. You’re leaving us far too soon when there is still so much work to do, but know that we will always appreciate everything you have already achieved. Thanks for everything, and best of luck with whatever you move on to in the future. We’re sure you’ll be amazing as always.

Lindsay, Developer, Mighty Kingdom
Even though you’ve done so much, there’s still so much to do. Thanks for all your hard work promoting and advancing video games at the national level. You truly were one of the best of the best people in politics. Your dedication to this and other worthy causes will leave a positive impact on Australia for years to come. So sad to see you go but glad to have had you for the time we did.

Martin Burgess, Founder / CEO, AlCaTrAzz Games
Australia has an incredible pool of creative and technical talent in the Game Development industry, and we produce global hits, both in the mobile space as well as AAA. With government support we could have an incredible local industry, supporting smaller indie studios to stop talent looking elsewhere. Thank you for being willing to take up our cause and push for government support for our industry, and all the best for your future endeavours.

Michael Bell, Lead programmer, Omni Entertainment
Absolute bloody legend!

Morgan Archer, Student
You are a true champion of our industry and your contribution to the political sphere will be sorely missed in the light of recent events. We cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you put into your devotion to the small yet passionate games industry of Australia. You are forever one of our brothers.

Neil Boyd, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Academy of Interactive Entertainment
You made a real difference. For the first time, game developers felt like they had someone on their side that shared their passion for games and their importance and potential to the Australian economy. Your tenacity in representing our industry and why it deserves so much more from our Government has earned you the respect and admiration from our community. Thank you!

Nicholas Zaharias, Gameplay Programmer, Larian Studios
Sorry to see you go Scott! It was an amazing thing having someone like you representing our industry. Hope to see you back again someday.

Nicolla, Indie developer, Entangle Interactive
Just want to say thank you for the hard work you are doing on behalf of the game development community.

Oliver Vetsteegen, Student
You were one of the few people I knew in government because of the good you were trying to accomplish. We’re worse off without you. Thanks for all your work.

Phill, Student, Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Phillip Pajor, Student, AIE Adelaide
Thank you for helping us grow, game development is a massive business with massive opportunity.

Ravian Budde, Game Designer, Shifty Pixels
WOW! Thanks Senator Ludlum! When our wonderful, foresighted government decided to pull funding for game dev in 2014, I was in shock! The fund was already pretty small, $10 million, for an industry thats worth over $90 billion globally today! Insane!

With our government’s track record with technology, its refreshing to see someone actually trying to talk some sense into them. Someone who actually took a real interest in the industry, learned about it, and saw what is needed for the small, but incredible creative and tight-nit game dev industry we have here in Australia.

As the AAA industry is all but gone here in Australia, its incredibly hard for all the small Indie studios to have a voice, yet alone be heard, and the amount of untapped potential we have here in Australia is truly phenomenal!

Hopefully, the in roads and enlightenment you have shed on our industry within the government has paved the way to help boost the Games sector and really give us all a chance to create some awesome stuff!

We wouldn’t be at this hopeful stage without all your hard work!

Reece Howe, Graduate Programmer, Mighty Kingdom
Cheers for all your support. Best of luck with your next Adventure!

Richard, Director, Syntone
You were fighting the good fight, both in game development and outside it. We’re all sad to see you go, and hope you keep up with the communities you’ve brightened as you go down this new path.

Ross Symons, CEO, Big Ant Studios
In the past thirty years I can count on one hand the number Federal Members that have shown genuine interest in the positive outcomes that the Video Games Industry can provide, you have been a true Champion of our sector, have greatly increased awareness amongst you colleagues, and you have made a definite impact that I believe will bring about change for some time to come. Most importantly, it is one thing to have to change your job without notice, and quite another to have the rug pulled on your entire career; all at Big Ant Studios hope that you are OK and have the personal support that you will no doubt need and undoubtedly deserve. We wish you all the best with whatever is next but know you shall be sorely missed by all of us in the Industry.

Sam Zeid, Director, ByteSprite
Thank you for what you have done for the games industry.

Shane Trewartha, Game Design Teacher , Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Not only were you the most overwhelmingly positive force within Australian politics, you were a shining beacon of hope to my students that their choice of career mattered to the country they live in. You will be greatly missed. Thank you for all your hard work. Best of luck for the future. Also, please come back and play DnD at PAXAus again any time.

Stephen Page, Producer, Designer and Co-Founder , Goblin Hammer Games
Thank you for all of your hard work. With continued lobbying like yours the government will surely begin to take the games industry seriously. If we can get government support, I’m hopeful small studios such as ours will finally get the help we need to firmly establish ourselves and contribute to the worldwide industry.

Steve Williams, Founder, Konaju Games
I don’t usually like politics, but your straight-down-the-line approach in supporting our industry in federal politics was a joy to watch. Very much appreciated, and you’ll always be welcome to any industry events. We’re an inclusive lot, and that includes dual nationalities.

Susannah Emery, PhD Researcher/Game Designer, Curtin University/Lotus Media Studios
Thank you so much for all your work championing games in Australia – we really appreciate everything you’ve organised and tried to push for us. If all politicians were more like you the world would truly be a much better place.

Thomas Knowles
It made me so happy to see somebody in government fight for our industry. You earned a lot of respect from me. Thank you for trying to bring Australia’s Games Industry up to world standard.

Thusus Winter, Director, Siege Sloth Games
It has been immensely encouraging and inspiring to have a strong supporter in the senate who recognised the cultural, economic and artistic value of the games industry. I’d like to thank you sincerely for the time and effort you have dedicated to helping the industry to be taken seriously in parliament and to wish you all the best for the future.

Toby Wild, Developer
Thank you for everything you have done for the games, technology and climate of our country.

Vee Pendergrast, Chief Executive Officer, Stirfire Studios
Thank you for speaking up for us when no-one else in federal politics was. Thank you for supporting the West Australian industry, and our company. Our bids for business awards. Thank you for being there and listening to me when we were going through some exceptionally tough times. Thanks for fighting for our security, privacy, safety and all the other concerns we have. Particularly as a parent, thank you for fighting for our planet’s future.

Wesley Lamont, Managing Director, RAEZ
Thank you for your efforts in supporting the indie game scene both locally and federally. It was fantastic having you push for better recognition and support of our industry. It was fantastic to see you in person at PAX Aus and the Game events here in Perth as well. While you have a break you can join us in some game dev.

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