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Influencer Profile: ClickySticks

Influencer Profile: ClickySticks

Acting as the co-director of RTX Sydney and Business Director of Hanabee Entertainment by day, Cameron Rooney is one fourth of the self-described ‘comedy gaming boy band’, ClickySticks by night.

We sit down with Cameron to discuss his unwavering passion for games and how he and the team foster the ever growing ClickySticks community.

What drives your passion for gaming?

A lifelong obsession coupled with very close friends to help drive it. I studied games design while making a podcast with Alex and Jalo, some friends I’ve had since childhood. After graduating we made a trailer for the first PAX Australia, thanks to an opportunity between the Victorian Government and Swinburne University.

Alex and Jalo flew over from Perth and without them the trailer never would have happened. This opened the doors and lead me to get a job at Hanabee, Rooster Teeth and eventually become the co-director for RTX Sydney. Now I’m using all of the professional experience I’ve learned from my years in the industry about content, production, and community to ClickySticks.

What kind of content do you create?

ClickySticks is a comedy content channel focussing on producing high quality content while maintaining a strong community. We are completely indie but use high quality microphones, webcams, appropriate lighting and stream quality to make the best content for our fans. Tuesday’s we play the newest games and Thursdays we play Back in My Day where we test our nostalgia goggles to see how old games hold up. We also work with the local podcast troupe Sans Pants Radio and do occasional cross over streams.

What do you love most about being a content creator?

I’ve always been passionate about making people laugh and comedy. I’m an extroverted person, and being able to have an outlet for that is incredible. We’ve only been streaming for six months but seeing fans come back every single stream is so rewarding.

What are your plans for future content?

We are more interested in creating interesting content – not just playing games and spitting having hot takes on a webcam. We have ideas for Role Playing a turn based strategy game. Doing live events with community at local theatres. The events space is so untapped and interesting. You don’t see popular streamers at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, for example. There’s so much you can do in 2018 on stream with some minor programming knowledge, a little bit of motion graphics experience and a whole lot of charm.

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