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Influencer Profile: DYoshiiTV

Influencer Profile: DYoshiiTV

Lifelong gamer, Bradley Jolly has built up a 20,000 odd strong Twitch following over the past few years.

Additionally Bradley acts as Community Coordinator for Dauntless and is an one of the organisers behind Twitch’s Melbourne Community events.

What drives your passion for gaming?

Gaming has been a part of my entire life, ever since my mother bought a NES for ‘me’ (was really for her) at 2 years old. The hobby turned into a passion and more or less a lifestyle from a young age and that’s never changed for a second.

I’ve made friends all over the world (and travelled it) thanks to gaming being something I can fully engage in. Gaming and its related culture has given me a job I never dreamed I’d have, and I can use this career to bring smiles and positive energy to so many people all around the world. As long as I can continue to make new friends, and make people feel great I’ll keep gaming until my last days.

What kind of content do you create?

I’m a variety streamer on Twitch with a primary (but not full) angle on Japanese developed games, as well as a focus on free-to-play games that my community can join in on the fun with without having to spend large amounts in order to do so. I’m also the face of Twitch Global Emote BlessRNG, so if you’ve used Twitch at all you may have seen my face in your favourite streamers chat!

I always try to bring a positive yet relaxed environment to my streams, to make it feel like all my viewers are just relaxing with me playing games on a couch. It brings a friendly environment and we’re all in it just to have a good time and play some games, whatever they may be!

I’m also the Community Coordinator on the free-to-play game Dauntless by Phoenix Labs. I stream Dauntless frequently, having a great time with the community for a game I absolutely adore (which is half the reason I got a job on it!)

What do you love most about being a content creator?

I love being able to make friends and be able to make people happy, all the while enriching my life with experiences I never dreamed I’d have. To me, life is all about experiences and those you share it with. Being a content creator allows me to fully flourish in these areas, and I wouldn’t trade that off for a second.

What are your plans for future content?

My content will be going significantly more towards Dauntless when our game launches in Open Beta, however I’ll still find plenty of time to play other games too that interest me or my community. I hope to be able to expand into IRL stream content and travel overseas more, so expect more in that space as I go from being a full-time videogame streamer to one having a chunk of lifestyle thrown into the mix!


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