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Influencer profile: Jenzlinger

Influencer profile: Jenzlinger

A self-confessed stubborn gamer, Jenny joined the Twitch Partner program in August this year. Along with her two cats Quasar and 8bit, and her fiancé Bajo, Jenny has gathered almost 3,000 JenzFriendz. Learn more about Jenny and her community below;

The Influence: Your Twitch channel has great variety. Tell us a little bit about the content you create?

I like to change things up on the stream. Some people can dedicate their time to just one game, but I suppose I like a bit of change sometimes. I do often fall back on certain games more often than others, such as Dark Souls, Call of Duty and scary games. Scary games are always a love hate relationship to me but people seem to enjoy seeing me scare myself. I also offer bad freestyle raps for my viewers and awkward dancing!

The Influence: You say that you aren’t very good at video games (no shame in your game), so what drew you to Twitch streaming? What did it mean to you to become partnered?

I love the idea of watching someone’s first hand reactions when it comes to gaming. A good example would be a jump scare in a scary game, or going through a video game story with someone. I had never taken it seriously because I was never confident in my talking or gaming skills, but it was my partner, Steven (Bajo), that made me go for it in the end, and the rest is history 🙂

It meant a lot. I guess because when I started streaming, I still wasn’t confident in myself as a streamer, and so when I was told that I had made partner, I was just in shock. I still can’t believe it, and definitely couldn’t have done it without Bajo or his beautiful community.

The Influence: Your Twitch channel says you’ve just come back from “taking a couple of weeks off streams to recover mentally.” Burn out is a major issue in the games industry across all facets. Other than taking breaks from streaming, do you have other strategies in place to keep yourself from burning out?

A big part of what helped with burn out was putting boundaries such as leaving 2 days a week away from the PC to clear my head and spend some time with my partner and the cats! With that being said, it is very hard to stop myself from working on the streams! I don’t have a lot of other ways to prevent myself from getting burn out really, I’ve only just discovered it recently and it’s one of those things where you don’t realise you’re burning yourself out until it’s too late.

The Influence: What plans do you have for your content for the next 12 months? Will it involve your adorable cats?

It will always involve the cats! HD cat cam will definitely be the next thing, and having our house all rigged up so we can always do cat updates haha. I have slowly been adding cooking streams to my schedule, which I would love to do every week. I’m not a good cook, but I do enjoy it and I love learning new things. I would also love to add more co-op streams with Bajo. Keen to see how our relationship goes when we play Overcooked together!

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