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Influencer Profile: Lauren ‘Molly’ Steddy, AKA. MissMollyMakes

Influencer Profile: Lauren ‘Molly’ Steddy, AKA. MissMollyMakes

Lauren ‘Molly’ Steddy, or MissMollyMakes is a twitch streamer with a twist, sure she streams games, but what she’s really known for is a little, tastier…

MissMollyMakes boasts a unique variety of content for her followers, with live cooking four times a week and a themed show each Sunday, she goes above and beyond the call for original content. A mixture of gaming and cooking that is perfectly embodied in her fortnightly show ‘Gamer Grub’ where Molly creates food from her favourite video games, shows and movies. “Think The Simpsons donuts, PUBG Chicken dinner & More.”

Read on to learn more about Lauren and her channel MissMollyMakes.

What kind of content do you create?

I create delicious recipes made live on stream with the ability to theme our kitchen using our green screens and dress up. I aim to educate about food through personal experience as a home cook and short time in a professional kitchen. I also make instructional cooking videos with the idea to do a basics in cooking course in the next few months.

What drives your passion for gaming?

I am a cooking streamer who is learning games. My two brothers have always been gamers, but it wasn’t until I met my partner Exceed that I really began to appreciate the communities behind gaming. It doesn’t matter who you are – a big shot professional, a McDonald’s worker or a nurse like me. Most people at a time in their life have blown into a cartridge or fought their sibling in Mario Kart. I attended the Dota 2 International in Seattle 2016 not knowing much about the game, but walked away in awe of the bonds this media creates. From parents that got into games to bond with their kids, to hardcore players cosplaying. Games bring people together from all walks of life!

What do you love most about being a content creator?

I love that I get to create delicious food for dinner all the while interacting with an audience all around the world. It’s a perfect format for the ultimate cooking show! Food brings people together. to share experiences, relive old memories and create new ones. You’ll see in our kitchen, we’ve mounted a map of those who support our channel and they span the globe! It just excites me every day to be able to influence and impact those around me through positivity, laughter and creation.

What are your plans for future content?

I want to be able to create even more fun content and expand our YouTube channel along with Twitch. We plan to align with different companies to further improve our production value and link arms with other content creators. I aim to travel and share the experience with our audience and have guests on the show. My main goal is that our positive vibes continue and we nurture our ever growing community!

Head over to MissMollyMakes twitch channel to get involved in the gaming culinary goodness.

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