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Influencer Profile: MattyWendo64

Influencer Profile: MattyWendo64

Meet Matt, the motorbike riding, video game playing, stage hosting personality known as MattyWendo64.

Matt has become a familiar face in the Oceanic esports and pop-culture industries, as stage host & presenter for ESL and Blizzard, Matt shares his love for the community with his audiences in a genuine and inclusive style.

Read on to learn more about Matt, and what it is he loves so much about the gaming community.

What kind of content do you create?

I create video content independently for my own brand, but also get to work alongside ESL and Blizzard for stage hosting and presenting. So far I have a project from Blizzcon in development, and have hosted the ESL AUNZ Championships, ESL ZEN League, and the Hearthstone Fireside Gathering for Kobolds and Catacombs.

What drives your passion for gaming?

The stories and competitive spirit we get to experience through this medium connects with me like no other format does. You can be part of the story you’re playing, or compete against your own heroes in esports. Once you’re in, you have a legion of community members that feel the same way!

What do you love most about being a content creator?

The best advice I ever got being a host was to make the people the star. The fans and devs that make up the community are what I care about and being connected to them with the same passion and being able to be part of this industry seems endlessly appealing. When I make my own content, I aim to capture this as best I can.

What are your plans for future content

I’m learning Adobe Premiere Pro, so I’d like to keep improving my ability to direct, shoot, edit, and produce my own gaming related content. Further to that, I want to spend more time in front of the camera and host more events!

I have a network of incredibly supportive people who have granted me the means to learn from them – learn more, work more, repeat.

To stay up to date with Matt, check out his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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