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Influencer profile: Nathan "N8" Patrick

Influencer profile: Nathan "N8" Patrick

Nathan “N8” Patrick is a hardcore football fan, who turned his love for the game into a career in esports, commentating and streaming. His passion and personality make for some great viewing on Twitch, and his esports team are set to do great things. Check out what he had to say below!

The Influence: What kind of content do you create?

I’m a massive fan of Football in Australia, and a former FIFA competitor, so it just made sense to me to stream FIFA, and talk about the round ball game down under. We’ve just had the FFA Cup Final, and the commencement of the A-League and W-League seasons, so there’s a lot happening! At the start of FIFA 19, my viewers and I crafted an A-League All Star team of sorts, and I’m using it to take on the best FIFA 19 players from the region in FIFA Ultimate Team. It is both exciting and terrifying.

The Influence: Our sister brand Esports Pro Oceania recently featured N8 Esports, which you’re the team manager, but you’re also a Twitch streamer in your own right. Can you tell us a bit more about how you got into both areas?

I think both those endeavours circle back to the community, and personalities, involved in our game. N8 Esports has had the privilege of signing not just some great talent, but exceptional people, and it means a lot to be able to give them an opportunity I never had as a player. Similarly, my streaming is all about interacting with viewers – they help pick the team, they share their tactics and formations, and they tell me what players are standing out to them in both the A-League and in FIFA 19. I’ve found them to be deeply passionate about what is uniquely local content, and it’s wonderful to share in that enthusiasm.

The Influence: Your social feeds show that you’re a pretty enthusiastic football fan both on, and off the field. What similarities can you see to your team on the field, and your work in esports?

*laughs* I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve! In my experience, there is a large cross-over between esports and traditional sport. We have the same competitive nature, the same personalities, the same values, but we battle it out on a screen, not on a field. I love that people in this country can watch their local A-League team play at a stadium… then go home and use that exact team and players in FIFA! It offers a level of immersion and interactivity that you just can’t find in other games or sports.

The Influence: What have you got coming up in the future for your channel?

We recently revamped our show FANZ (FIFA/Football Australia and New Zealand) to be more inclusive of the FIFA community here in ANZ, and it’s a great place for newcomers to the game to meet some local personalities, learn more about the competitive FIFA scene, and get some tips from the pros. We also participate in a FIFA 19 game mode called Pro Clubs, which enables us all to play on the same team, as we take on rival teams from across the region, so you can play us live on stream! We may also have a few big A-League names joining us soon… watch this space.

The Influence: Which local competitor is your one-to-watch this season?

Anyone from N8! *laughs* There are so many strong competitors in our region. On the Xbox side FUTWIZ Jamie and Marcus Gomes are my early standouts, and I’d be backing FUTWIZ Marko and Rick Tran on PS4 – those lads exceptionally talented, and have definitely started strongly!

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