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Influencer Profile: Nick Stabbies

Influencer Profile: Nick Stabbies

Continuing on in our series of Influencer Profiles is Twitch Partner extraordinaire, Nick Stabbies.

In addition to checking him out on Twitch or YouTube, you can hang with Stabbies on his Discord channel. 

What drives your passion for gaming?

Playing games has always been a big passion for me. The thrill of finding out “what’s next” when you’ve completed a level/chapter in a game. The incredible memories brought from playing games with your mates that you’ll never forget. The excitement when we get to see the upcoming big titles for the new year. The joy on people’s faces picking up a game they preordered. It’s all about those feel good moments.

What kind of content do you create?

I’m a full time Variety streamer on Twitch with most content based around FPS games. With a hint of Adventure, puzzle & survival games.

Alongside that, i’ve been building myself as a Pro League PUBG Caster, with LIVE/LAN events and online tournaments rapidly increasing. Hoping to go into fulltime.

What do you love most about being a content creator?

100% Community building and making friends. I absolutely love meeting new people and making anyone smile! So to have the ability to bring people worldwide together is absolutely incredible!

I also love going to events and meeting/seeing all the friends i’ve made throughout the years of creating. Being able to share my passion with too many to count feels way too good man.

What are your plans for future content?

Regarding the future for me, i’m up for absolutely anything that comes my way! Casting will be a big focus on my life as i push for casting major tournaments around the world. While still keeping true to my community on Twitch.

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