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Influencer Profile: Pixel Sift

Influencer Profile: Pixel Sift

Podcasts, Live Streams, Interviews and more are what you can expect from the Pixel Sift team, a creative channel made up of members Gianni, Scott, Mitch, Sarah and Fiona. The team of five put together some of the best in-depth content surrounding Australian game development, recent releases, and more issues surrounding the gaming industry.

Executive Producer Gianni told us about the history of the site, and what we have to look to forward to from the team at Pixel Sift;

What kind of content do you create?

We’re a podcast that grew out of a final year student project that in September will be in its third year. I’m a radio producer in my day job, so I love radio and podcasting as a medium. Along with my colleagues Scott Quigg and Mitchel Loh we were inspired to create a high quality, well researched and highly produced gaming podcast drawing on what we’d learnt in our media degrees. We feature interviews with indie developers, creators, academics and politicians on each episode and also dig into the topics that are making the news in the world of game development and gaming. Since our 10th episode, we’ve live streamed each episode to allow viewer talkback and also stream games as Pixel Sift Plays. We’ve hosted 4 episodes in front of a live audience, and we love taking our skills to conventions like PAX Australia to create coverage like our PAXELSIFT series. We’re pretty proud that we’re some of the fastest to get new content up over the PAX Australia weekend and a good opportunity for people to check out the convention content if they can’t make it there.

What drives your passion for gaming? 

I really love video games as a storytelling platform, especially player-driven emergent narratives. I’ve had so many fantastic moments playing games with my friends and family, and it’s the stories we’ve shared that are really what make video games so special. I love that gaming has matured into a diverse and emotionally complex medium and now games can tell a variety of different stories from many different points of view. Since covering indie games, I’ve seen so many different types of games that blow me away with their creativity. It’s a great time to be playing games, and to be covering them. I can’t help but be excited about the potential games I’ll be playing 10, 20, or 50 years from now.

What do you love most about being a content creator?

There is nothing quite as personal and engaging as radio, and I love meeting and learning from other creative people from around the world. I really love constantly building and improving on the work we create. It’s always inspiring to see the creativity that people put into their games, and to share in the joy that video games can bring. Plus that it’s super fun to be playing games, connecting with our community, and making things that people enjoy and are informed by.

What are your plans for future content?

We’d love the opportunity to create more with Pixel Sift, especially more written and video content. Our plan is to increase the frequency of our live streaming with a variety of different content and build on our reputation and contacts for further partnerships. We’re always exploring new platforms and experimenting with new ideas.

Stay up to date with Pixel Sift, Gianni, and the rest of the team and their amazing work by heading to the Pixel Sift Website.

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