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Influencer Profile: PRAWLN

Influencer Profile: PRAWLN

Meet your friendly neighborhood PRAWLN;

Becoming the latest member of Australia’s twitch partner program, as creative as he is funny, Hayden Tresch provides some of the most entertaining live content you can find twitch.tv. Streaming live gameplay and shenanigans on his channel each week, Tresch, better known as PRAWLN, always brings something new to his viewers every week.

Learn more about PRAWLN and his streams below;

What kind of content do you create?

On Twitch, I basically play anything, from online multiplayer like Fortnite to story based single players like God of War, Detroit: Become Human etc. While I mainly do gaming, I also started doing creative streams, where I attempt to copy makeup tutorials and also do body painting. On YouTube, I also upload Vlogs and stream highlights.

What drives your passion for gaming? 

Gaming started for me at a really young age, it was my way of escaping real life issues and immersing myself into the game to forget about things. Carry forward several years and I still love playing games. Story based games are getting better and better to the point where you are sucked into the story!

What do you love most about being a content creator?

Honestly, the best thing is being able to help others. If someone is having a bad day and I can put a smile on their face, make them forget about what is happening in their lives, even for a moment, then that is a win for me.

The biggest win for me was when I started doing the “makeup tutorials” and having people thank me for doing it because they now felt they could go out wearing makeup or stream themselves doing makeup etc. Having that impact as a content creator is huge to me.

What are your plans for future content?

Future plans would be to carry on streaming, focus on growing our already amazing community and also helping others grow as well!

Long term I want to look into acting/voice acting so maybe I can make that a reality one day!

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