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Influencer Profile: Vinessa ‘vidizzzle’ Sestoso

Influencer Profile: Vinessa ‘vidizzzle’ Sestoso

Introducing the first ever Influencer Profile! We worked closely with up and coming streamer Vinessa ‘vidizzzle’ Sestoso to put together the first of many profiles to come, we have created a new application for Influencers to fill out to apply for their own profile on The Influence.

Meet Vinessa ‘vidizzzle’ Sestoso, a new face to twitch, but one we’ll be keeping a close eye on!

Vinessa is a twitch.tv streamer who has a passion for viewer interaction, forming a connection with her audience through her love for gaming. Working as a Media Sales Coordinator at IGN Australia by day, handling social media accounts for IGN AU with two other members, Vinessa takes on a different role at night however. Streaming regularly to her followers on twitch, playing video games live with a focus on creating a friendly, hype and interactive stream for her viewers.

What kind of content do you create?

“While streaming and playing on playing PC games on Twitch (i.e. first-person shooters, RPG etc), my channel focuses on embracing all kinds of audiences, and leveraging interaction and engagement with the chat to draw viewers in with not only gameplay, but with the personality behind the camera. My main focus is to make them crack up laughing at my horrible sense of humour and always keep them talking; like I would if I was sharing a coffee with them across of a table in a cafe.”

What drives your passion for gaming?

“The people are the focus, and our connections and interactions are, above all, the factors that drive my passion into Twitch and gaming. At the moment, my Twitch content consists of Overwatch gameplay and Far Cry 5/A Way Out playthroughs. I always try and get my hands on the latest releases of games to educate viewers and have them sit and experience the game with me for the first time.”

What are your plans for future content?

“I plan on publishing highlights of my gameplay from Twitch onto YouTube to kick off some of that burning desire to get into video producing. I hope in the future I could become a keynote speaker of Australian Women in the Gaming Industry to inspire others to pursue a career in Gaming.”

What do you love most about being a content creator?

“The best thing about being a content creator is the ability to utilise our creativity to cause creative disruption. It’s being able to produce unique and tailored work to the way you desire. We are our content’s master; with a sole purpose to entertain, educate and inspire.”

We wish Vinessa the best of luck with her channel and can’t wait to see what she has planned!


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