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INTERVIEW: Darren MacBeth talks Five Star Games' first year

INTERVIEW: Darren MacBeth talks Five Star Games' first year

After launching with Sega just a little over a year ago, fledgling distributor Five Star Games now has three publishers under its belt.

Which publishers and titles does Five Star now represent?

We now represent U and I Entertainment which have the boxed product rights to Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead for PAL territories and Reef Entertainment which is Rambo The Videogame.

You spoke last year about the Aud$120-130 million in retail sales being done here without Sega’s business. You wanted to have Sega operate as Five Star’s cornerstone before branching out into that market. Why have you gone with the companies you’ve chosen thus far?

We liked the focused nature of U and I Entertainment and Reef Entertainment and that people will instantly recognise the games via the brands.

Obviously Tell Tale Games had huge awareness via the episodic digital distribution of The Walking Dead and so many Game of the Year nominations and with Reef, who hasn’t heard of Rambo!!

Has the company found its feet and become stable enough to expand? 

We were very focused on ensuring that the SEGA catalogue was represented extremely well as SEGA put a lot of faith in us to take over the business and continue its success in Australia and New Zealand.

We believe we have done this and will continue to build the SEGA business with titles like Rome 2, Football Manager 14 and the amazing back catalogue. However over the past few months opportunities to distribute other publishers have presented themselves and with a focused approach we believe we can successfully add titles from publishers like U and I and Reef and build a stronger business for our retail partners.

What’s next for Five Star?

We have a few things in the pipeline at the moment that we hope to announce in the next month or so. We are definitely not standing still and looking at opportunities all the time however they must be right for us and also for the retail market here in Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you for your time.

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