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INTERVIEW: Ron Curry talks awards nights and the future of the IGEA

INTERVIEW: Ron Curry talks awards nights and the future of the IGEA

With the MCV Pacific Awards just around the corner, MCV took the time to ask Ron Curry, CEO of the IGEA a few questions about industry nights.

How do events, awards and non-partisan gatherings like this help the industry as a whole?

We are privileged to work in a vibrant, growing, ever-changing and technology driven industry. Events and awards shows allow us to celebrate that fact and celebrate the products we create which provide entertainment to millions daily around the globe.

Let’s face it, both games and awards nights are great fun, so the opportunity to combine the two shouldn’t be overlooked.

How does the IGEA see its role in facilitating these types of events?

One of the key roles of the IGEA is to foster connections both inside and outside of the industry. An awards show provides us with the perfect opportunity to get our Members together in the one place, along with key industry stakeholders such as the media, government and retailers.

How do you see the rise of digital purchases shaping the role of the IGEA in future?

The digital delivery of games content may have disrupted the traditional method of getting games to consumers for our Members, but it has also has provided them with numerous opportunities and new business models. We all know the numbers around the growth of digital and the majority of our Members are now operating in this space in one way or another. 

IGEA has recently undertaken a strategic review and both the Board and our current Membership recognise the importance of advocating for the entire industry with one powerful and cohesive voice. Obviously this voice must include the digital games businesses.

We are currently working on a strategic plan to expand the membership to include digital games businesses and to continue to deliver ongoing value to current members. As the industry changes and new issues emerge, IGEA recognises we need to change as well. It is exciting times and we are looking forward to the year ahead and the change that will come with it.

Thank you for your time!

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