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INTERVIEW: Rowan Tulloch on the GAME 3 Day Event

INTERVIEW: Rowan Tulloch on the GAME 3 Day Event

In preparation for the GAME 3 Day Event kicking off at Macquarie University on Thursday, MCV interviews Dr Rowan Tulloch about what people can expect:

What is the Interactive Media Institute and what does it do?

The IMI is an initiative spearheaded by the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University. It brings leading researchers together who are exploring aspects of new media and digital culture, from web technology, interactive digital music, animation and moving image to video gaming. Our  goals are to keep academic research in touch with the emerging new technologies and techniques that surround these new media forms, and to marry that insight to inform production and teaching within the department and within the university.

What types of insight can audiences expect from the GAME panels and discussions?

GAME offers a varied program, with speakers from around Australia and around the world with different professional and academic backgrounds. What unites all speakers, however, is a belief that video gaming is a rich, complex and important medium, that requires and deserves more sophisticated analysis and attention that it often receives.

Videogames are a product of our culture, technology and politics, and in analysing them we learn a lot about what cotemporary society values as well as where we are heading. Focusing of areas as diverse as policy, gaming interfaces and technology, genres, and the role of education and academia speakers at GAME will explore the future of the medium of video gaming, where it is heading and what that means.

What was your key focus when designing this event?

The goal was to make sure GAME was not going to be just another insular academic conference with little impact on the ‘real world’. That is why we’ve worked so hard to get industry involved, it’s why we’ve got the Politics of Play public debate, and it’s why we have the games festival day.

Ultimately what make GAME important is not just that its where you’ll get to see the top academics in the world, but you’ll also get these academics engage discuss and analyse gaming leading with top industry figures (such as Martin Slater). What makes GAME such a unique and exciting event is the amazing diversity and expertise of all our participants.

The IMI is a recent initiative. What other major things does it work on besides events such as GAME?

GAME is the first step of Macquarie University and IMI’s commitment to video gaming. In 2012 we will be launching two new undergraduate videogame programs. The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Interactivity and Games and The Bachelor of Information Technology – Games Design and Development. 

GAME is just the first stage of this much bigger commitment to gaming. Expect big things from us, and our students, in the future.


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