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INTERVIEW: Tom Crago talks about the Aussie-developed Deus Ex Wii U

INTERVIEW: Tom Crago talks about the Aussie-developed Deus Ex Wii U

Following on from its recent Wii U debut with Mass Effect 3, Aussie studio head Tom Crago from Straight Right talks Deus Ex Director’s Cut.

Did the job of porting Deus Ex come as a result of the great work the team did on Mass Effect 3, or was it already in place before then?

Yeah it did come about as a result of our work on Mass Effect 3.

I met Stephane D’Astous, the General Manager of Eidos-Montreal at GDC, towards the end of the development of ME3. He was impressed by what we’d achieved and was looking for a team to bring Dues Ex: Human Revolution to Wii U.

Over the course of the next couple of months we were able to convince his team in Montreal that we were the guys for the job. It helped a lot that we were able to talk about our ME3 experience. There was a sense in which we’d already made a bunch of mistakes, learned a lot, and were ready to apply those learnings to our next title.

Are you looking to have Straight Right specialise in Wii U development exclusively and keep it on the map as a platform go-to studio?

Oh no, not at all. Our first title was Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed on iOS, and that’s a platform to which we’re very keen to return.

Doing two Wii U titles in a row is not something we planned for (especially when you consider our sister studio Tantalus also shipped a Wii U launch title), but honestly it’s been excellent being able to work so closely with the hardware over a sustained period.

We remain genuine fans of the platform, and we’re really hoping the market starts to embrace it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will certainly showcase its capabilities.

Do the additions and changes in the Director’s Cut (multiple methods of defeating bosses etc) come from Straight Right’s design or were they implementing them under Eidos Montreal’s guidance?

Actually, most of the direction came from Eidos this time around. Those guys live and breathe this property and they had a really clear sense of how they wanted to bring it to Wii U. That said, we’ve been involved creatively at every step of the way, and certainly we’ve had the opportunity to make a mark.

So what are some of the features of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Wii U?

First things first – we’ve improved the boss fights. We’re also using the GamePad extensively. You can hack on the GamePad using touch, the map is there, and it acts as Jensen’s toolkit giving you ever ready access to the Mission Log, Inventory, Augmentations, InfoLogs and all the rest.

We have grenade throwback from the GamePad, looting has been enhanced, and you can scan enemy bodies for health and consciousness state.

You can play the game entirely on the GamePad, and this time around we’ve incorporated extensive MiiVerse support.

Another cool thing you can do is set custom markers and waypoints by drawing directly on the map. You can record voice reminders or take screenshots and leave these as InfoLogs throughout the game. And for the first time we have the Strategy Guide built in, as well as a Director’s Commentary.

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