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Introducing Mixers new digital currency: Embers

Introducing Mixers new digital currency: Embers

The latest feature to launch onto Microsofts Mixer streaming platform, ‘Embers’ is the latest feature to launch as part of Mixer’s ‘Season Two’ journey

The new feature launches into early access today on mobile devices (Android, iOS), introducing viewers to a host of new engagement opportunities, and offering Mixer partners all-new monetization options.

Functioning similarly to Twitch.tv’s bits currency, Embers provide a way for viewers to purchase a digital currency, which they can then use to engage with their chosen streamer through a variety of on stream, and in chat features.

Embers will allow viewers to purchase premium Skills, which allow you to add a custom message that will be prominently highlighted in chat, helping your message stand out within the Mixer community.

Embers afford Mixer partners a new way to engage with viewers while gaining access to new monetization opportunities.

Mixer already has a similar currency known as ‘Sparks’, which despite functioning similarly, have some very important differences for streamers.

Embers are now the second way to more directly support a streamer on Mixer, as they receive a fixed dollar amount per Ember spent on their channel. 

Embers launch onto Mixer Partnered channels first, with Mixer aiming eventually to bring Embers to the whole community.

“This is just the start as we aim to make Embers accessible to more creators and not limited to partners. We’ll talk more about our plans for that in the future and we’ll continue to listen to community feedback and keep exploring ways to enhance your Mixer experience.”

Learn more about Embers, and Mixer over on the Mixer Blog.

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