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JB HiFi: Freedom of self-expression and trust drive retail

JB HiFi: Freedom of self-expression and trust drive retail

One of Australian gaming’s newest additions to Twitter is every single JB HiFi store, with each one having its own voice and identity.

We spoke to Scott Browning, Marketing Director at JB HiFi, about the risks and rewards of opening up retail staff to such a height of public representation.

How important is it for JB HiFi stores and staff to be able to imbue their workplaces with their own sense of personality?

In a service economy like retail the really important things such as authenticity, trust and humanity are very difficult to measure and therefore very difficult to manage effectively without firstly empowering and trusting our people to take individual responsibility for them.

We strongly believe in the power of passion and a voluntary commitment to a cause.

Freedom of self expression and respect for dignity of the individual  are the most important workplace values we can impart to our people because they feel better about themselves when they are genuinely appreciated and respected.

There is added motivation for people if they feel they are in control of their work and achieving mastery on their own terms in an environment where their unique perspective is sought after and respected.

We are certain that a vast majority of JB staff embrace this heightened sense of purpose and this  has a distinctive effect on their interaction with their customers.

Do you see the risks of having communications from individual stores being worth it next to the ability to interact directly with your customer base? Why?

For better or worse, our people are our sole point of true interaction and therefore the crucial difference with every competitor we have had or will ever have.

In an increasingly more complex and constantly changing retail landscape we have to learn faster and adapt more dynamically than ever before. Extending the personal brands of our staff beyond the traditional physical boundaries of our stores is just a natural evolution brought about by the digital media opportunity.

In our minds the risks remain unchanged because we have always given our people the freedom to make the crucial choices in how they choose to interact with their customers and we are willing to live with those choices.

Without that premise of individual freedom they would not be able to learn and improve which means our business could not adapt.

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