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Join the Austrade China Joy Bootcamp

Join the Austrade China Joy Bootcamp

Assisting Australian studios in accessing some of the biggest opportunities available in the Chinese market, Austrade has opened applications for it’s 2019 China Joy Bootcamp.

Among an array of benefits from joining the Bootcamp, Austrade is will facilitate connections between attendees and major Chinese publishers, including; Tencent Games, NetEase Games, Perfect World, and China Telecom.

The 2018 Bootcamp saw great success, and Austrade is excited to see the return of the Bootcamp, looking to refine and improve this year’s program.

Wondering who Austrade are? We interviewed them last week to find out how they’re here to help; 

Priced at AUD$900 (excluding gst), it includes a China Joy Professional Visitor Pass along with Austrade’s tailored services, including:

  • Assistance in identifying and supporting your unique business needs and objectives in market and around China Joy
  • Expert advice on your pitch deck and provide pitch training before and during the bootcamp to ensure you are prepared you for pitching to key players in the Chinese industry
  • Access to a deep dive session into China’s gaming market
  • Briefings on doing business and protecting your IP in China as an Australian digital gaming business
  • Facilitated pitch sessions to leading stakeholders in the Chinese gaming industry
  • Visits to major Chinese players offices in China, enabling you to connect with industry in preparation for China Joy.

See the official brochure for a full breakdown of the Bootcamp.

For successful applicants, Austrade will be available for consultation to identify how best Austrade might assist and support applicants individual business objectives.

Further, Austrade will assist and review attendees pitch decks intended for Chinese publishers or partners. And will engage with relevant parties ahead of the attendee’s arrival.

Register now at; https://www.austrade.gov.au/chinajoy2019 Or get in touch directly by contacting Kristian Raston, Trade Adviser, at Kristian.Raston@Austrade.gov.au


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