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Leap Motion announces their new AR platform, Project North Star

Leap Motion announces their new AR platform, Project North Star

“North Star is a full augmented reality platform that allows us to chart and sail the waters of a new world, where the digital and physical substrates exist as a single fluid experience.”

Leap motion is a hand tracking development company in the US, that has been bridging the gaps between the digital and physical worlds since 2013, when it launched its flagship product, The Leap. Since then, Leap Motion has been given new opportunities in the virtual and augmented reality industries, where the potential implementation of leap motion products is ground-breaking.

This week Leap Motion announced its latest foray into the digital world, with its new Augmented Reality HMD (Head Mounted Display) Project North Star. Taking the function over form pathway, Leap motion have attempted to evolve the way in which we interact with digital environments.

“It’s time to shift the conversation from what an AR system should look like, to what an AR experience should feel like.”

Leap is on a mission to solve issues often overlooked in the emerging industry, where conversations of hardware dominate the news and where ‘the race’ to create the best HMD exists, most have forgotten the most important thing, the experience. What’s the point in building the highest quality AR system, only to have to interact with it using outdated input methods?

Take a look at some of Project North Star’s proof of concept videos below.

“The first step of this endeavor was to create a system with the technical specifications of a pair of augmented glasses from the future. This meant our prototype had to far exceed the state of the art in resolution, field-of-view, and framerate.”

Project North Star is not a final product, and Leap Motion are going to release the hardware & software as an open source platform. Their approach is akin to many early technology industries, where it’s in everyone’s best interest to give access to all parties, encouraging experimentation and development, speeding up growth and innovation.

We can’t wait to learn more about the new platform and see what the AR community will create with such an efficient and affordable platform. Leap Motion hasn’t said how much project north star will be available for, or who can get their hands on one, only quoting the headset costs “under one hundred dollars to produce at scale”

To learn more about the specifications of the headset and stay up to date with developments at Leap Motion, check out their official website.

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