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Local reviewers rave about Bioshock Infinite

Local reviewers rave about Bioshock Infinite

It’s not a huge surprise to anyone, really, but the amazingly high scores Bioshock Infinite is receiving appear to be universal.

The high scores themselves are across the board:

  • CNet: 4.5/5
  • AusGamers: 10.0/10
  • Sydney Morning Herald: 9/10
  • GameArena: 10/10
  • NZ Gamer: 9.5/10
  • MMGN: 5/5

And there are countless early calls for Game of the Year material for 2013. MCV UK noted that the game is tracking at 96 on Metacritic, making it in the top 10-15 games on that site of all time.

“Bioshock Infinite will be talked about for decades to come as a truly watershed moment in gaming,” says Paul Verhoeven in his review over on The Vine.

“Infinite is the cream of the crop,” adds Stephen Farrelly at AusGamers.

“This is what videogames are all about,” says Joab Gilroy at GameArena. “The blending of a strong story and great gameplay – and BioShock Infinite melds the two in perfect balance.”

The game’s environment and heroine Elizabeth are two of the focal points of praise for the game.

“The moment you step through the doorway and into Columbia, something magical happens,” says Reagan Morris at NZ Gamer. “You’re introduced to what is easily the most ‘alive’ city found in a game so far.”

“When you first see the floating city of Columbia in BioShock Infinite,” adds Gaetano Prestia for MMGN, “you’ll know you’re experiencing one of gaming history’s defining moments.”

“Irrational have hit the nail right on the head and Elizabeth stands out as the best character in the game.” beams Calum Wilson Austin for the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Irrational and 2K have made a thinking person’s shooter,” says Nic Healey for CNet. “A smart, fun, thought provoking game that stays with you.”

“Overwhelmingly, Bioshock Infinite is just a genuinely great game,” adds Tim Colwill on Games.On.Net.

There isn’t really much wiggle room here. Some reviews had minor gripes, but none let them prevent a vehement recommendation that everyone buy the game.


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