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MCV Pacific 30 Under Thirty: Kelsey Gamble

MCV Pacific 30 Under Thirty: Kelsey Gamble

I really wish we wrote creative headlines for these profiles, as ‘video games killed the radio star’, well, of sorts. Kelsey Gamble is widely considered to be one of the industry’s leading Community Managers, heading up the team at Bethesda ANZ. So how is this my ‘clever’ wannabe’ title? Kelsey had began a career in radio before before pivoting to games by being hired at a local EB Games store.

Radio’s loss was games’ gain, as Kelsey worked her way up from EB Cairns through through customer support and into head office, where she found herself a part of EB’s Social Media Team – right at the time they were establishing their channels.

Gamble was then promoted to Community Manager for the retailer, seeing her responsible for some of EB Games’ biggest events and launches including the PS4 and Xbox One, GTA V, and the Nintendo Wii U. She was also a core organiser for EB Games Expo between 2011 – 2013 and organised multiple internal conferences. This work saw Kelsey enter our first ever 30 Under Thirty list in 2012 at only 21 years of age.

As we mentioned in her Women In Games profile last year, Kelsey would depart EB to relocate to Melbourne – starting a family. She would take the skills developed at EB, working across a number of high-level positions at the likes of Catch of the Day, Quiip and Zomato (Urbanspoon). Whilst in the Southern state she founded here own consulting business, working with rigin Energy, the Victorian Government, and Eastland Shopping Centre. She would later expand into digital marketing and communications.

In January 2017, Kelsey would rejoin games, signing on with Bethesda ANZ as Community Manger, later being promoted to her current role – Lead Community Manager. Kelsey is now responsible for leading the strategic vision of community and advocacy in the region. If you’ve attended a Bethesda event and had a good time, watched a Twitch stream of someone enjoying a Bethesda title, or engaged with Bethesda online, chances are that it has had her hand over it at some point.

Highlights of the above include; launching the Bethesda ANZ Twitter account, which is consistently the most engaged account in the local industry, the local Bethesda E3 events, the MCV Pacific Awards finalist Elder Scrolls escape activation, Bethesda’s unique activations at PAX Aus 2017 & 2018, the Fallout 76 Wasteland Wednesday promotion and the publisher’s Twitch presence, which has included guests locally such as Robert Whittaker and Pete Hines.

Last year Kelsey volunteered as a Core Mentor in the Working Lunch Women’s mentorship program, with her efforts across this and her career seeing her honoured with Business Achievement presented IGEA Award at the 2018 Women In Games Awards presented by Xbox.

Kelsey is a passionate advocate for the industry. In addition to contributing her experiences with anxiety to the CheckPoint video series, she has been a speaker at  multiple events from PAX to Play by Play, to Esports conferences to universities. This passion carries through to Community Managers. Kelsey pushes to bring more of them into the industry, mentoring them, and speaking to business stakeholders about the importance of community advocacy.

So with all of the above, it should come as no surprise that Kelsey has recently been nominated as an Alternate Director on the IGEA board – a position that no one else on our list currently holds.

Speaking to MCV Pacific, Kelsey said, “This industry is full of intelligent, driven, talented and passionate humans and I feel very humbled to be acknowledged amongst these people. No success comes without sacrifice or support from those around you, so my achievements mean nothing without the wonderful people I have been lucky enough to have had around me every step of the way.”


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