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MCV Pacific Awards: Game of the Year

MCV Pacific Awards: Game of the Year

Now, we take a look at what the industry says the most standout game developed in Australia or New Zealand was for this year.

The Australian and New Zealand development scene has undergone a radical shift in focus lately, which has seen a swath of new ideas and radical new directions for the game our scene produces.

Pioneering new business models, exciting new technologies and proof after proof of our local talent being some of the most creative minds in the business, our scene has been able to produce some of the greatest games, from indie to blockbuster, of the year.

Today, we celebrate the one game this year which has turned the most heads, surged forwards with the most revolutionary concept while maintaining that delicate balance of blending ambition with polish, scope with cohesion and above all, has managed to capture our minds and hearts.



The winner of the first annual MCV Pacific A/NZ-developed Game of the Year Awards is…



L.A. Noire.

The ambitious title that could. L.A. Noire stands out as the largest production an Australian studio has ever undertaken, and in spite of massive scope and the mammoth task of implemented a never-seen-before technology which brings the drama and tension of a thriller to the forefront of the game, the now defunct developer Team Bondi has accomplished something which will forever stand as a landmark in the history of gaming, both here and globally.

We asked editor of Australian Game Informer Chris Stead to say a few words about the game:

It’s not often that the eyes of the gaming world turn towards Australia and if they’ve turned at all of late, it’s due to our blossoming success in the iOS and DLG scene, not because of a major console release.

L.A. Noire, however, did just that. While Team Bondi’s capitulation in the wake of its release may have left a sour taste in our mouths, it’s only because the first bite of the fruit it beared had been such quality.

L.A. Noire is proof that Australia has the talent, the drive and the creativity to produce a AAA gaming experience. That it straddled the divides between blockbuster and niche, film and game so elegantly lends further promise that, with the right government incentives, there can be a bright future ahead for Australian game development.


Congratulations to Team Bondi and Rockstar Games for L.A. Noire and to all our nominees for this year. Here’s to another fantastic year of locally-produced games in the year to come.


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