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MCV Pacific Awards: Journalist of the Year

MCV Pacific Awards: Journalist of the Year

Now we turn from the outlet to the individual journalist, celebrating the most diligent and considered journalist from our pool.

This competition is always a tight one, with fantastic minds and hard-working writers coming from all angles and repeatedly coming up with incredible work.

Genuinely thought-provoking game criticism, robot-like reflexes at getting news online quickly and unique feature ideas exploring all manner of gaming culture are just the beginning.

This award represents the single journalist in our ranks who has shown the dedication and perseverence necessary to write about this industry day in and day out while remaining on top of their game all year round.




The winner of the first annual MCV Pacific Journalist of the Year Award is:




Laura Parker.

Laura has been a rising star at GameSpot AU for some time, working tirelessly on covering the R18+ classification issue and more recently showing impressive insights into gender issues within gaming culture.

We asked fellow journalist and editor of Kotaku AU Mark Serrels to say a few words about Laura:

Because I’m totally self-obsessed it’s hard to talk about Laura Parker without talking about myself! Anyone who knows me well understands that everything I do comes from a weird, brutally competitive place. In short — if I don’t have someone out there creating great content I wish I had created, or breaking stories I wish I had broken, then I most likely won’t work as hard, or work as well.

 That’s kinda where Laura Parker comes in. 

 Technically Laura Parker is my bitter rival. But I’m so glad she exists, and I’m so glad she continually creates work that inspires both Tracey and I to push our own stuff further. Laura’s work is brilliantly researched, it’s definitive. If Laura chooses to write about something, you should probably just avoid the topic for the rest of your natural life, because that subject will be covered from every angle possible. 

 We need voices like Laura Parker’s in gaming. We need people who write about games seriously and take great care in what they write. In order to compete, we need competitors, and Laura Parker is about as good as it gets on that front.

 Thanks Laura — you’re a great writer, but more importantly you’re a great person. I’m a big fan of your work, and obviously I’m not the only one! Congratulations!


Congratulations to Laura and to all our nominees. We look forward to another year of complete and utter disagreement amongst our media at some times and unified vitriol at others for many years to come.


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