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MCV Pacific Women In Games: Helen Stuckey

MCV Pacific Women In Games: Helen Stuckey

Helen’s Play It Again, Popular Memory Archive and research, has changed the way we see ANZ’s video game history.

Stuckey, a videogames curator and researcher in Australia made headlines with her exhibition Play It Again, Popular Memory Archive.

Stuckey’s curatorial practice focuses on the cultural significance of videogames and their collection and exhibition within the gallery.

As the inaugural Interactive Screen Arts Program manager at Film Victoria, she was responsible for commissioning and funding experimental game projects such as 2004 IGF nominee “acmipark”.

As the Games Curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) she initiated, produced and curated the Games Lab, which ran from 2005 through 2008. The Games Lab was a dedicated exhibition space for exploring videogame culture.

Stuckey then produced a series of games related programmes for ACMI, including an annual Machinima Film Festival, talks and game play events. These included the location based games “Scoot”, created by Deb Polson, which were played across Melbourne’s leading cultural centres.

Helen has contributed curatorailly to major international exhibitions including “Gameworld” in 2007, Laboral Arts and Industry, Gijon; ACMI’s “Game On” in 2008 and ACMI’s “Game Masters” in 2012.

More recently she was the Director of RMIT University’s Games Program, in the School of Media and Communication.

Stuckey is currently completing a PhD on how the museum can work with online knowledge communities on the preservation and exhibition of video games. This is a part of the ARC Linkage Project – Play It Again: Creating a Playable History of Australasian Digital Games, for Industry, Community and Research Purposes.

Helen has been a long time ambassador for games and spoken about them and their curation at a number of international conferences, including; the London Science Museum, Te Papa Tongarewa: Museum of New Zealand, The inaugural History of Games conference, the GDC and the Society of Cinema and Media Studies.

In 2012, she chaired ACMI’s “Game Girls” panel, which featured local designers Kate Inabinet, Yangtian Li and professional gamer Ashley Jenkins.

She was part Te Papa’s 2013 “Move over Boys” panel on women in games featuring, fellow Women In Games List inductee, Maru Nihoniho, Camille Dodson and Camilla ‘Milla’ Koutsos.

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