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MCV Pacific Women In Games: Jennifer Scheurle

MCV Pacific Women In Games: Jennifer Scheurle

The German native has made a home for herself in the Sydney education and development scene. 

Jennifer began studying Game Design and Development in Berlin in 2009 at the SAE institute. She would become one of only four graduates from the course, with a Bachelor of Arts (hons.) in the field in 2011.

During her years of study, she worked at a small startup games company in Berlin called Ludic Philosophy as the head of QA after they picked her up from their first QA session with the public. The game was called Twin Complex.

After graduating, Jennifer’s Game Design professor hired her for his studio, HolySquid! which is now Monkeynetics in Berlin to work on Bionic Battle Mutants. She then spent a short amount of time working with the famous Hamburg studio, Daedalic Entertainment, as QA on The Night of the Rabbit before being picked up by a Berlin-based developer/publisher called Gamespree as their lead Game Designer on several co-developed titles, War2Glory, Kings and Legends and Redwater Hills.

Jennifer is also an expert in what she describes as a ‘pretty weird field’. She has worked with Chinese developers a lot to localise Asian games for the western market focusing on art as well as design localisation

Early last year Jennifer traveled to Australia out of a hunger for travel and a different indie development landscape. She joined the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Sydney as a Game Design Tutor. She is now in charge of teaching the 2nd year course as well as being part of the curriculum development team, developing Game Design course content for AIE for all over Australia

Scheurle also started working for Sydney’s Flat Earth Games in her time outside of AIE. She is currently working on the studio’s third title, Objects in Space, as a Space Ship Designer; building physical controllers and ship interior design and concept art. The title was recently shown at PAX East.

In her career to date, Jennifer has worked on eight released titles to date, with some smaller credits on games such as Train Conductor World as QA, helping out fellow game devs.

Outside of the above, Jennifer also gives talks about her work, as well as diversity whenever she can. Notibly she has been asked to give several talks at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, about her work with physical controllers for game experiences, making even difficult games such as Objects in Space more accessible for people in a world that is very digital and foreign to some audiences. You can find a full list of her talks here.

Her most proud moment was the a Polygon article in which she invited Brian Crecente to fly a spaceship with her, Jennifer notes that it “shines a beautiful light on the Australian Indie scene.”

Whilst speaking with Jennifer we asked ‘what games mean to her?’ She responded, “The beauty of games is how they are a celebration of a number of different art forms that have to work together in harmony. There is a unique way in which it connects the work of many artists at once with an audience that no other medium can provide. It speaks to the very core of humans.”

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