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Meet the winners of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest AUNZ

Meet the winners of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest AUNZ

Following in the spirit of the Nintendo Labo, the Creators Contest saw entrants channel the creativity for totally new play experiences. Australia and New Zealand’s top creators have been named, and their fantastic contraptions can be seen below!

The winners were chosen from many entries across Australia and New Zealand in two categories; Kids, and Teens & Adults. The winners of each category were hand-picked by members of the Nintendo Labo development team.

Additionally, entries into the Teen & Adult category were of such quality, that a tie was called for first-place, resulting in two winners who’ll each receive a grand prize.


Kids Catagory

Grand prize winner: Elephant Marble Game, Jamie (New Zealand)

Entrant’s description:I created my own Toy-Con, get all five marbles in the hoop to win.

Developers’ comment:You’ve done an excellent job inventing this marble game with Toy-Con! The elephant was a great idea and makes the game really appealing to look at! You’ve done a great job using the different Joy-Con features: the IR sensor to detect whether the marbles went into the elephant, and HD Rumble to first release the marbles from the dispenser. Your idea to throw marbles into the back of the elephant is novel and we’d love to try it out ourselves!


Category: Teens/Adults

Grand prize winner (equal first): Toy-Con Marionette, Nathan (Australia)

Entrant’s description:I am submitting a Toy-Con creation I’m calling the “Toy-Con Marionette”. This Toy-Con works as a puppet you manipulate with wires with a Joy-Con in each of the puppet’s hand to detect hand movement, and a Joy-Con R inside its head to detect when its mouth moves.

It is painted to look like everyone’s favourite moustachioed mascot because I couldn’t resist the pun. To demonstrate the functionality of the Toy-Con Marionette, I created a simple dancing game and singing game in Toy-Con Garage. To play the dancing game, you move each of the hands to match one of three positions that is generated pseudo-randomly.

The singing game uses the position of the puppet’s right hand to control the pitch and the movement of its mouth flap to control the volume.”

Developers’ comment:Combining a marionette with Joy-Con to create an entirely new controller is a novel idea and looks incredibly fun!

You haven’t just made a game that detects the movements of the Mario-nette, you’ve even made a second one that detects the opening & closing of the mouth too, to create not one, but two games where you match the movements to what’s on screen. It’s fantastic!

You’ve made superb use of the IR sensors and produced a masterpiece that truly captures the spirit of Nintendo LABO. We’re also really taken with your naming sense too!


Grand prize winner (equal first): Master Cycle Zero, Jordan (Australia)

Entrant’s description:I am submitting a custom decorated Motorbike Joy-Con. The Toy-Con is a 1:1 replica of the Master Cycle Zero from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The player can sit on the bike and play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe using the base functionality of the Motorbike Toy-Con.

I was inspired to build it when I saw both the Master Cycle Zero and Labo Support added to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Thanks to the sturdy frame, the Toy-Con can be ridden, and the player can play Mario Kart 8 in Labo mode. In order to get the scale of the bike right, I took screenshots from my Switch and blew them up to a 1:1 scale.

From there I cut out pieces and used them as reference art, similarly to how real 3D models are made for games. The whole process took over 100 hours to build, and I loved every second of it.”

Developers’ comment:We were completely blown away by the sheer scale, complexity, and faithfulness of this life-size reproduction of the Master Cycle Zero. If that wasn’t enough, it has a headlight, and even includes a customised Toy-Con Motorbike, so you can ride exactly the same motorbike in-game too! We’d love to take it for a spin!!

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