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Microsoft reflects on it's first year of Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft reflects on it's first year of Xbox Game Pass

Spanning 40 markets across the globe, fostering the growth of new communities, and delivering AAA blockbuster titles including all first-party Microsoft releases, Xbox Game Pass is celebrating its first trip around the sun and reflecting on the lessons it’s learnt in its first orbit.

The value of subscription services for consumers is, and always will be a hot topic; ownership, longevity, and trust are key components that create a successful relationship between subscription holder and a platform. Microsoft seems to have utilised the several years of experience running Xbox Live to create a unique value in Xbox Game Pass, that is seeing console owners come together in bigger communities, and playing more games, not just those included in Game Pass, however, but all games on Xbox.

After joining Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass members are playing more games than ever before — not only games in the Game Pass catalogue, but also other Xbox games outside the catalogue. As a result, we’re seeing more active players for games across the board, which is having a notable positive impact for our publishers and developers, including increased sales for games in Xbox Game Pass.

Another maybe not so predictable outcome of the adoption of subscription services, is the increased player engagement with individual title’s, allowing developers a larger window of opportunity to connect with potential fans and new audiences.

It’s also been exciting to see titles in Xbox Game Pass experience revived gaming communities across a variety of genres and franchises. Games in Xbox Game Pass have a longer tail of engagement, sustain their community and help developers connect with new audiences than before.

It seems Mircosoft is identifying and experimenting with the various value opportunities game subscription services have to offer, looking at the service from both the consumer, and developer perspectives, demonstrating in their words;

a long-term commitment and belief in making subscriptions a model that benefits gamers with more choice and game creators with more opportunity. 

Read the full post by Microsoft on the official Xbox Wire release.

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