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New sub-distributor Game On launches

New sub-distributor Game On launches

After many years at All Interactive, Brad Ellis moved on and decided to find a new way to service rural clients.

He has started his own sub-distributor called Game On, and is already handling some 150 stores, operating with a staff of two.

Game On is operating as a sales force for independent stores, rental stores, national brands, and other retailers without a centralised system for managing stock and educating staff.

So how did Game On come about?

After being at All Interactive for the last seven years and servicing Online Business, National Accounts and stores at the ground level, the business decided to roll back their sales and support team.

I guess it’s understandable that natural attrition occurs and a lot of businesses within the industry review their staff or for retailers, even store count as turnover declines and format life cycle nears end.

After a 12 month break, I started being contacted, almost at once by upward of 30-40 of my previous customers who had either halted their regular ordering, were exiting the category, dealing with unrealiable pop up import distributors or were uncertain of what’s happening in the market.

With gaming being a small percentage of their revenue, they rely heavily on suppliers to feed and guide their business.

So I initiated contact with AFA Interactive to partner these stores with an established Australian supplier.

And this was one month ago, yes? So how has the response been so far?

With demand growing, we formed our partnership of a sales force (Game On) and supplier (AFA) and have been growing very quickly ever since.

After one month of operation we’ve already grown to 150 stores, which has been a bit of a shock actually. 

Can you tell me a little more about the sub-distribution sector and where Game On fits into it?

Sub distribution as a market segment has a population of over 2000 stores with plenty of room for growth. We’re forecasted to hit 200 stores in time for what looks likely to be a very exciting October.

We have great relationships with our publisher partners, and their support is vital to assist in collating and organising a buying group of national brands, SME’s, franchises and independents into a force which already does a great service of providing the industry products.

Thank you for your time.


Those looking to contact Game On can email Brad Ellis here.

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