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New Zealand's insatiable appetite for gaming pushes sales past Half a Billion

New Zealand's insatiable appetite for gaming pushes sales past Half a Billion

In a new report released by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA), New Zealand’s gaming industry generated NZD$548 million in the 2018 calendar year. With strong performances from both the traditional retail and digital sectors.

Overall, sales in the physical retail sector hit the NZD$143.1 million mark, a 21 percent jump on the previous year, while overall digital sales generated NZD$405 million. Key highlights include;

  • Physical retail sales reached $143.1 million, and overall digital sales hit $405 million
  • Within physical retail sales, significant growth has come from the upswing in the sale of console accessories, up %45 to $27.7 million in 2018
  • Hardware sales still continue to outstrip software sales, with sales of the former hitting $59.3 million, an increase of %37 from the previous year
  • Within digital sales, mobile is still the dominant category, generating $194 million, up %11

“Once again the data shows New Zealanders’ clear love of playing video games,” said Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA. “The fact that the industry has rocketed through the half-billion dollar mark is evidence of an industry in great shape. New Zealanders’ are clearly engaged in playing games both physically and digitally, and they continue to find ways to upgrade and extend the life of their games and hardware, evidenced by the clear growth in console accessories sales.

“In the coming months we will be releasing our biennial Digital New Zealand 2020 report, ‘The Power of Games’, which will shed light on who plays games and why they play them, as well as offering insights into the use of games beyond pure entertainment,” added Curry.

Market research organization Telsyte has reported overall sales in digital were again strong in 2018, reaching NZD$405 million. The biggest increase was experienced by sales in mobile games, which generated $194 million in revenue.

Foad Fadaghi, Telsyte Managing Director commented on the figures “Double-digit growth in the digital and mobile games segments shows New Zealanders continue to have an unabated appetite for downloading their favorite titles to their devices, both in the living room and on the go.”

Market data from The NPD Group shows that overall digital sales were augmented by sales in the traditional physical retail sector, with overall physical sales reaching NZD$143.1 million. This growth was driven primarily by the increase in console hardware and console accessories sales, with console software also proving popular.

“Sales of physical video games continue to look strong in New Zealand. We saw a number of physical software titles break fastest-selling records, but the key take away from New Zealand’s performance in 2018 was how prominent both Hardware and Accessories performed year on year. In 2018, we saw all 3 major gaming platforms are in double-digit growth in hardware, which is outstanding at this point in the generation” said Aidan Sakiris of The NPD Group. “This goes to show how strong the New Zealand video game market is, with double-digit increased spend across the majority of video games categories in 2018 year on year”.

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